Tuesday, August 11, 2009

American Fabrics Magazine pt. 1

At Powell's in Portland, I came upon and purchased a trove of "American Fabrics" magazines. From what I can tell this was a large format trade industry magazine published a couple times a year- that was produced circa 1930's into the 1970's. They are amazing. The ads. The articles (an interview with Bonnie Cashin!!). The fabric swatches...yes...they contain actual vintage fabric swatches. I'm sharing this with you because I like to share. You can find copies on Ebay- but they are unfortunately two or three times the price I paid. This is but a tiny, tiny, tiny smattering of images of what is inside each issue.
Tomorrow I'll post images from my favorite issue that I bought- the "Japan" issue. Stay tuned, dear readers.

*** And Please, please, check out this most fantastic post on the jumpsuit fixation of L.A. based artist Christie Frields at ELC!


Every Little Counts said...

oh wow...i am dying! i think i am going to have to come over for an afternoon to immerse myself in all of this. i can't believe you found them at Powell's! I've heard it's an amazing store, but I didn't know it was that amazing. good score!

at swim-two-birds said...

this is already looking great, can't wait for the japanese issue to come :-)

Jennifer said...

that would be fun if you did that.
I still have to post about other books (all vintage) that I found at Powell's. Unbelievable. And cheap!!!

We still need to have girls night for all the Leo's!

janis said...

Jennifer, you scored BIG time! I am drooling over this ... looks like the birthday gods were with you :)