Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Above & Below: ERMIE Ave. 51 Print in Cotton Lawn.


Wrap/ Sweater: Primoeza.
Cozy & wearing non-stop.



Necklaces- Silver: Antique Navajo (another beautiful gift that I'm wearing non-stop).
Mulit-color & Brass by Kathryn Bentley/ Dream Collective.


Above & Below: ERMIE Bead Print.


Textile Designs © Jennifer Parry Dodge 2010-11.

New ERMIE Blouse style for SP 2011. Based on a traditional Huipil style.

I plan to offer this in the Avenue 51 Print, The Bead Print and the Uroko Gata Print in silks or cotton lawn.
There will probably be a dress version too, lined & with pockets (of course)!
Is there anything you would like to see for Spring or Summer?
Sundresses? Big silk and cotton scarves?
Home goods- pillows? Tea towels?

I plan on making the best selling ERMIE Short Skirt in different fabrics for Spring as well...


jenny gordy said...

so pretty! i would also like to see the silk minidresses you made for Lady in your online shop. Love those.

Anonymous said...


you look so pretty in your pics : )

Jennifer said...

I will definitely have the Silk Mini Dress for sale this Spring!
I'm wearing your lovely Liberty Wool top today, BTW!!

Joanna- yes!
I need to find a good caftan to model a design after- do you have any?? Need to get together with you soon :) Thanks for saying I look pretty- a really nice compliment- esp. since I have been feeling tired, haggard, and bloated lately! Hopefully it's just this cold...

erica said...

love the idea of this in a short dress. the prints are gorgeous, as always.

automaticsweetheart said...

i was smitten with the idea of modern huipils this past summer, so i was really excited to see this post. yours is beautiful! your prints are super lovely.

P R I M O E Z A said...

great tops - love a square neckline.

Anne-Marie said...

I love the styling with the necklaces!

Janis said...

I love what your doing, so just keep going - follow your curiosity! Lovely ...

Cheryl Cambras said...

Really pretty! The silhouette goes so well with your amazing prints. xoxo

Anonymous said...

also would like to see a dress version of this top. it's great!

jennifer said...

this is a great top!