Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Keep it Simple.


Above: Care package from Oami, which included some of her amazing Judah Ross textiles (and a pretty dress I really need to blog about).

Below: next three photos-
new ERMIE textile designs for Spring '11.

All textile designs copyright Jennifer Parry Dodge 2011.



I was telling a friend this weekend, lately I have had trouble with what I should post about. Even to the point where I have considered ending this blog altogether (I won't ...for now).

I need to remind myself to just keep it simple (as they say). Jeana is really good at that. And by simple I don't mean trite or shallow. Just, simple. Light.

So, long post, but trying to keep it simple: stuff that happened over the last few days-

Had a blast with Ms. Williams.

Had an amazing meal with amazing company (used the leftover garlic rice from the amazing meal in Ashley's Poor Man's Breakfast this morning).

Caught some of the Golden Globes. Thought Gervais was funny, but wasn't really impressed by what was worn by the ladies.

Had new windows put in the house. Weeded.

Played with new fabrics for spring in the studio. Snapped photos.

Enjoyed the 80 degree weather we are having.

Realized my hair has been bugging me- pondered if I should chop it a la Arizona Muse/ Alexa Chung (okay, that's a bit trite, but I'm being honest here)? Still pondering...heh. This Keeping it Simple thing will take some practice...


Anonymous said...

you don't go on jennifer, not to worry. your posts are always interesting and the photos are a total delight.
did you put double pane windows in? that house we're buying (fingers crossed) has all the original windows (30's) that need to be replaced. i hate to do it but we'd freeze otherwise i think.
see, now I KNOW HOW to go ON!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Ursula.

Not worried so much about being verbose (never really a problem for me), rather the content. Everything has been posted about. Nothing is really new. There is only so much I want to say about myself. I just wonder sometimes how much more people want to read about art, textiles, Rachel Comey, Patti Smith and my garden, husband, etc. I'm kind of kidding, but I think I'm a bit burnt out on blogging.

Windows- they are so nice, energy efficient, double paned. We are getting the rebate that was offered by the government last year. The house is much quieter...warmer when it needs to be, cooler when it needs to be. Worth the $.
Good luck with this new house!! Fingers crossed!

jeana sohn said...

your blog is great, jennifer. don't change it!

bea (yes, the shoe maker) cuts hair too (at her house) and she's really good. i'm hooked!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Jeana.
I figured it was The Bea. Excited for that Closet Visit!
A very good friend of mine has had Bea do her hair for years now...maybe I should give her a try!

Anonymous said...

DO NOT i repeat DO NOT end this blog! just blog when you're feeling inspired, that way you don't feel pressured to just post something, you know? your blog is a gem and i would be so sad were it to disappear!

had a BLAST with you and i am still thinking about that pizza. and the 4 beers i drank in the middle of the afternoon. whoa.

the red door!!!

Jennifer said...

Good advice.

I think I just need to keep that in mind...and maybe a new haircut/ color, and a trip to the desert...and then I'll feel better!

Ugh, I had 3 beers, and then the wine with the pizza. My liver is still recovering...

Anonymous said...

Loving the new textiles for Spring, especially the stripes and so glad you enjoyed the care package. Can't wait to see my dress when it's ready.

Sometimes I feel stuck about what to write on ETWT, but those posts always end up being the best ones, that just capture YOUR unique vision....thank you for sharing with us!!

P R I M O E Z A said...

exciting things afoot - and i can't believe you'd even consider leaving the blog??