Monday, February 28, 2011

Pip-squeak Chapeau





A current look from Pip-squeak Chapeau & a few snapshots of the boutique.

The one & only store I went into for clothes shopping while in N.Y.C. was Pip-squeak Chapeau.

I had jotted down a list of stores I had wanted to visit prior to my trip, but when the time came I was either preoccupied or was just not in the mood to shop.

I've actually noticed I lack the desire to buy new clothing now that I am making my own. When I do decide to purchase something it's either because 1. I fall in love with the print on the garment and/or the fabric, 2. It's something I can't make myself like a coat or shoes, 3. It's a basic that is well- made (usually handmade) and timeless. Pip-squeak Chapeau's clothing falls under category #3.
This is what I purchased :


Pip-squeak Chapeau wide-leg linen overalls. Belted here with a bit of antique Japanese shibori dyed cloth (used again as a scarf below) and a shell in the ERMIE Magic Marker Print.


Pip-squeak Chapeau cotton lawn button- front shirt.

It's funny, I had read about Pip-squeak Chapeau on Jen's and Ashley's blogs, and was immediately smitten with Sveta Dresher's designs, but had forgotten all about the line & store (chalk it up to my short attention span & bad memory...I'm gettin' old) when it came time for this trip.

On our last day in N.Y.C., we were at a bar in Greenpoint, and to my pleasant surprise, Pip-squeak Chapeau happened to be right across the street! I had to go in and check it out! It's a beautiful little store, and I was so happy to have stumbled upon it that afternoon. Be sure to view additional looks from the collection here.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Has it really been a week and 1/2 since I last posted?
I just can't get into the remote blogging thing. I did post a few pictures of the trip to Tumblr while in NYC, but for Blogger I prefer to go, gather, return to the comfort of home and post. Well, I'm now back in Los Angeles - here are a few highlights from our trip:


The install & opening at CRG (I was too busy chatting to take photos on opening night...if anybody has any photographs of the opening, please feel free to send them my way...we saw so many old friends opening night, and it was great to meet new friends- many of them fellow bloggers- in person finally).


A visit to the Dobbin Mews & a wonderful afternoon spent with Jen & Jennifer.


Studio Visit with Marc Handelman- who has a stunner of a show upcoming at Sikkema Jenkins.


Eating- at Bar Tano in Brooklyn again (yum). Other than Bar Tano & the lavish and generous spread provided by CRG for the opening dinner at Matsuri, we ate mostly at restaurants and cafes near the gallery & hotel in Chelsea (Le Grainne, Cookshop, & La Lunchonette- all recommended for good, basic food).


A Dan Flavin piece.


Anish Kapoor.


Sunflower stencil "graffitti" on Marc's studio building.


Some random shots of art, street art and my pilgrimage to the Chelsea Hotel (had to go after reading Just Kids...I sat in the lobby for a bit). So much more to say, but I need to go to bed- I'm still on NYC time- it's 3 a.m. there! Will post on the little bit of shopping I did there soon :) It's good to be back.

Thursday, February 17, 2011



All Photographs by Tomory Dodge.

Tomory's show opens in NYC one week from today at CRG. We will be there too, so if you are in the area- please stop by & say hello.
The above photos are images he took with his cell phone of his studio after the show was completed & loaded onto the art handling truck for shipping.
I love how low-res these are, and how they look like paintings themselves.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Drape Drape

IMG_5117 2

Above: Textile Design © Jennifer Parry Dodge 2010-11


Still stuck with a cold, trying to get rid of it before I go to NYC next week, in the meantime playing around with ERMIE silk yardage- pictured above (shots 1-4). A loosely titled print - "Cloud Burst" in Dusk.
Not sure yet what collection this print will make it into.

I was inspired by Angelina's post (images 3 & 4) and these books (last 3 photos). Some of the dress patterns look incredibly complex, yet result in simple, elegantly draped garments. Pretty amazing!
I think they would be fun to try. I'd love to incorporate some elements of draping into my work...

Monday, February 14, 2011


Sending out lots of love and gratitude today...

IMG_5108 new friends and old...

IMG_5107 those near and far...


...and to those friends I have yet to meet!

Happy Valentine's Day.

A special "I heart" to Miss Kate Miss for her support .

Loving these days:

Ashely's post on Rati of Anica,

Raphaƫlle Hlimi (Via S.W./ I'm Revolting),

& Mary Katrantzou.

Friday, February 11, 2011



Hibiscus in our front yard.


Emilyn's Lemons.


The sky as it appeared today.


Textile Designs © Jennifer Parry Dodge 2011

More ERMIE SP 2011.

Short Skirt (same cut as this skirt from the ERMIE Fall/ Winter 2010 collection) in the Avenue 51 print. 100% Organic Cotton Sateen. Hidden Side zip. Pockets.
Simple Tank in the Wawona Print. 100% Washed Silk Crepe de Chine. Slips on.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tell You Today 2


ERMIE Pueblo Cloud print blouse. For Spring 2011. This print was developed from a photograph I took of the sky somewhere near Pueblo, CO. Driving from Denver to Raton.

Loose, slightly boxy fit, in 100% Washed Silk Crepe de Chine.


Textile Designs © Jennifer Parry Dodge 2011

Tell You Today 1 *

Some things I have been meaning to tell you about:

This fragment of a mural on York Blvd. It was once just a portion of a larger mural covering the entire exterior wall of a bakery in my neighborhood. Until someone tagged it, then the building owner painted over the entire mural (with the exception of this portion) in order to cover up the tags.
Sad. Tagging in our neighborhood has been on the increase lately.


This weathered door. Right near the mural:



Carlee's sculpture in our living room. It's so nice to sit on the sofa and look up at it.


The chicken noodle soup we made yesterday for dinner.
Today I took the leftovers, added more chicken broth, some cumin, chili powder, cayenne, fresh cilantro, and the juice of one lime. And a little bit of Sriracha.
Inspired by Natasha.


When I'm not feeling well, I like to look at magazines. I bought a copy of House Beautiful for the first time today, because Judi is doing an online monthly feature for them. The theme for this month is pink. It was actually quite inspiring (and made me feel a little better!) to look at all of the colors and patterns in the magazine!

* With thanks to Genevieve.