Monday, February 28, 2011

Pip-squeak Chapeau





A current look from Pip-squeak Chapeau & a few snapshots of the boutique.

The one & only store I went into for clothes shopping while in N.Y.C. was Pip-squeak Chapeau.

I had jotted down a list of stores I had wanted to visit prior to my trip, but when the time came I was either preoccupied or was just not in the mood to shop.

I've actually noticed I lack the desire to buy new clothing now that I am making my own. When I do decide to purchase something it's either because 1. I fall in love with the print on the garment and/or the fabric, 2. It's something I can't make myself like a coat or shoes, 3. It's a basic that is well- made (usually handmade) and timeless. Pip-squeak Chapeau's clothing falls under category #3.
This is what I purchased :


Pip-squeak Chapeau wide-leg linen overalls. Belted here with a bit of antique Japanese shibori dyed cloth (used again as a scarf below) and a shell in the ERMIE Magic Marker Print.


Pip-squeak Chapeau cotton lawn button- front shirt.

It's funny, I had read about Pip-squeak Chapeau on Jen's and Ashley's blogs, and was immediately smitten with Sveta Dresher's designs, but had forgotten all about the line & store (chalk it up to my short attention span & bad memory...I'm gettin' old) when it came time for this trip.

On our last day in N.Y.C., we were at a bar in Greenpoint, and to my pleasant surprise, Pip-squeak Chapeau happened to be right across the street! I had to go in and check it out! It's a beautiful little store, and I was so happy to have stumbled upon it that afternoon. Be sure to view additional looks from the collection here.


Amber said...

New York is exhausting! I almost always end up sick after I visit. Too many people to see, too many things to do, too much staying up late, late, late. So awesome that you went to pip-squeak. It's been so cold up here I have been considering the cable hood. Very classic choices you made. The clothes look so comfy.

P R I M O E Z A said...

love those overalls. i could do with a pair like them.

Jennifer said...

So true about NY. Although we did not stay out so late on this trip... We were both trying to get over colds. Hopefully I won't get sick again!
Pipsqueak- it's sooo close to Alex's place!
Dangerous. I really admire her designs. Maybe my brain is craving a rest after working with prints all day long- but I am craving very simple basics this spring (to mix with my designs of course ;)
For instance: I'm looking for the perfect black jacket.
Along those lines: Have you seen the Ann Demeulemeester stuff at Totokaelo? Shit...

Amber said...

Totokaelo is killing me lately. That Ann D. jacket is a beautiful thing.

jennifer said...

I love the pipsqueak store in greenpoint, it's so beautiful. I could live in one of those linen tent dresses all summer.

Jocy said...

Ahh, those shoes are great.

R.G. said...

Too bad we missed each other! I love the things you picked up from Pip Squeak.

nicole said...

Pipsqueak is my favourite store in NYC! I bought a few things there last summer and I wear them all the time. Can't wait to go back.

I love those overalls!