Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well Read


Photos: Lambs Ear Shoes.

I want these shoes from A Detacher even more now that I know the name of the style:

The Didion.

Well played, A Detacher...


Textile design on canvas above & below © Emilyn Eto 2011.

iPhoto Library

Art day!
A visit yesterday to Emilyn Eto's new studio (off to a great start Emilyn!). She had the most beautiful book there on Shelia Hicks.

Some child's art on the street outside of Emilyn's studio-- looks a bit distressed!

Last night after a stop at Umami Burger T. & I went to LACMA for Carlee's opening . Carlee has a piece in this group show as does Maurizio Cattelan who made teeny tiny functioning elevators (the doors are functional, the numbers above the elevators light up as the elevators 'move' and there is even a teeny 'ding' as the doors open!).

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Big Night


Well, I have to say I think Max's debut as a chef was a smashing success!
The restaurant was packed for a Tuesday night- we left around 8:30-9:00? People were still waiting for tables!

Special thanks to Max & Cheryl Cambras, Chef Corina Weibel, and General Manager Jane Choi, and the
Canelé staff for making this a special evening!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inspired By:

Inspired by Elizabeth (whose designs are always an inspiration)-- Some things I find inspiring right now:


Music: PJ Harvey- Let England Shake. I love the oddness of these songs, and her voice on this record. When I first heard some of the songs on the radio, I didn't even recognize it as being her.
I admire an artist who is willing to take risks and try something different.

Before And After Science_t

Eno: Before and After Science
. We just bought this on vinyl. I've always liked Here Come the Warm Jets, and Another Green World- I don't know why I haven't listened to this more!

You can hear Eno's future work with the Talking Heads in this album
(nerd alert: The title for the track "Kings Lead Hat" is actually an anagram of "Talking Heads") , and listening to it again- I now realize that James Murphy and TV on the Radio have enjoyed this record, too.


Judy Linn's photographs of Robert Mapplethorpe & Patti Smith.
Smith & Mapplethorpe are so young, beautiful, and so aware of their potential even back then.


Photo: Yu-i Chan.

Mina Perhonen Catalogs
Every catalog is printed in a different format. The design is carefully considered. Art objects in themselves. I can't wait to get my hands on the new Spring catalog.


Susan Cianciolo & Mike Mills
I must thank Katie Hanburger of The Slow Season for introducing me to this- I had been a fan of Cianciolo's work- but was completely unaware of Mike Mills' textile designs and his collaboration with Cianciolo until Katie tipped me off.
Expands my ideas of what fashion can be.


My Tumblr
I love going to my Tumblr and hitting the archive link. It's fun to notice the connections in moods, patterns, designs and colors between all of the images I have collected here.


My dream for ERMIE- to one day be as great as this design house. YES to ERMIE dresses, textiles, & housewares !

Monday, March 28, 2011


Images: Totokaelo

Oh, killing me.
More here.

Also Nice.

Sunday, March 27, 2011




I'm not usually such a blatant copycat, but after Heather posted about breakfast at Cacao, I had to go & order exactly what she ordered. I'm usually a savory breakfast person, but Mexican Pancakes (made with Blue Corn and Plantains) and Hot Chocolate sounded too good to pass up.
I had been to Cacao a couple times before (it's right next to our Trader Joe's - a good place to stop in for a quick bite to prevent grocery shopping whilst hungry) but never for breakfast.
My meal was delicious and filling - I could only eat 1/2 of the pancakes- but I couldn't help but have a little food envy for Tomory's Carnitas and Strawberry Agua Fresca.

Speaking of Strawberries...I also had the chance to try this Samuel Smith Organic Strawberry Beer this weekend. Oh my! Wow.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Food and Drink


In keeping with the previous post, I thought I'd share with you some of the meals we have had this week.

First, Tomory made a delicious savory pie: Chorizo, Potatoes, Red Peppers, Manchego Cheese, and Arugula. Recipe from the current Sunset Magazine.

He said it was easy to make- would definitely eat this again!

Last night it was my turn to cook & it's been cold & rainy here in Los Angeles so I made Schnitzel based on Ashely's Omi's Recipe. My only variation was that I rubbed the pork with the minced garlic, and then kind of pounded it into the meat. So good. I made sides of Kale sauteed with olive oil, garlic, red pepper flakes and a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce; Hashbrowns from potatoes first boiled, then grated, fried in a little olive oil & seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika; and Apple slices sauteed in the Schnitzel drippings. Served with 3 different German beers from Galco's in Highland Park.
Have you been to Galco's? The Soda Pop Shop? If not- you must!
Aisles and aisles of sodas, bottled water, tea, beer and wine that are hard to find elsewhere and many, many beverages that you have never even heard of! They sell old-fashioned candy, too. They have the most beautiful old cashier stands! You can buy individual bottles of any of the sodas, beers, etc. One of the beers I purchased was from Germany's oldest brewery that has been making beer since 1328!
I also bought a six pack of Pellegrino Chinotto. Basically bitters- the very thing to have after a heavy meal of Schnitzel!

Happy weekend!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Max Cooks at Canelé


Above: The Chef (standing) and assorted highlights from meals I have had prepared by Max over the years, including a shot of the 100 year old Maderia he once served!

My friend Max Cambras is going to be a guest chef at
Canelé in Atwater next Tuesday March 29th from 5-10pm.

Max has created some of the best meals I've ever had, and I am so excited that he is going to share his talent with a wider audience.
His menu that he has created for the evening:

First course: Ballotine of Sole, Upland Cress, Fresh Cream

Main course: Braised Rabbit Legs, Spring Onions, Flageolet Beans
Dessert: Pears Poached in Madeira, Saffron Sabayon

Looks amazing! If you are in the Los Angeles area, and enjoy food, I promise y
ou this will be a special evening. Not to be missed!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Penguin Tears

Penguin Tears:
It's the name of the print pictured on the blouse below. Another collaboration with my husband, Tomory.
Made for will definitely be featured on an organic cotton sateen skirt (very similar to this style but a little shorter for warmer weather).



Textile Design © Jennifer Parry Dodge & Tomory Dodge 2010 - 11

I love that from a distance the print appears subtle and grey, but it is actually composed of tiny colorful squares.

The source materials for the print pictured below in Tomory's studio.



How I wore it today- with Steven Alan Pants,
J.Crew jacket, Comey boots, Kathryn Bentley/ Dream Collective necklace & ERMIE Ave. 51 Silk Scarf, D.S. & Durga Grapefruit perfume (they make amazing scents).

In case you were wondering, this is why Tomory called the print "Penguin Tears.