Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Miniaturegarden/ Book of Books

"...when you buy a book from an independent press, you are supporting the work of altruists. Take care to remember that without altruism there is no culture. Besides, they provide the best example for the survival of culture: None of them publish junk. " -Michael Silverblatt






Another favorite purchase from Printed Matter: The Book of Books by Minaturegarden Press, 2010.

A lovely little art book-
From the Printed Matter website: "Synopsis: This collection of collage, drawing, and photographs referencing books leads it's reader into a literary world. The iron spiral staircases of a library invite you to touch the wood of the shelves, to work up to the rows and rows of dusty hard covers, shoved in and around each other beholding the accumulative history of knowledge."

The book also contains a limited edition poster with photographs from various contributors of books, books, books!


Janis said...

These are yummy ... and very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

love that top quote. it's how i feel about small record labels, too.