Sunday, March 27, 2011




I'm not usually such a blatant copycat, but after Heather posted about breakfast at Cacao, I had to go & order exactly what she ordered. I'm usually a savory breakfast person, but Mexican Pancakes (made with Blue Corn and Plantains) and Hot Chocolate sounded too good to pass up.
I had been to Cacao a couple times before (it's right next to our Trader Joe's - a good place to stop in for a quick bite to prevent grocery shopping whilst hungry) but never for breakfast.
My meal was delicious and filling - I could only eat 1/2 of the pancakes- but I couldn't help but have a little food envy for Tomory's Carnitas and Strawberry Agua Fresca.

Speaking of Strawberries...I also had the chance to try this Samuel Smith Organic Strawberry Beer this weekend. Oh my! Wow.


Anonymous said...

YUM. Also, those blue and white dishes are fantastic. Definitely feeling a blue and white kitchen happening in my future.

Galit said...

Oh wow. Lucky me I'm right after a beautiful dinner...

P.S. Love your new photo! (and haircut?)

Anne-Marie said...

You always make me so darn hungry.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Galit.
Yes, new haircut...shorter- but it's quickly growing out...will need a trim soon!

Anne-Marie--I know the feeling.
Natasha's blog almost always makes me hungry: