Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inspired By:

Inspired by Elizabeth (whose designs are always an inspiration)-- Some things I find inspiring right now:


Music: PJ Harvey- Let England Shake. I love the oddness of these songs, and her voice on this record. When I first heard some of the songs on the radio, I didn't even recognize it as being her.
I admire an artist who is willing to take risks and try something different.

Before And After Science_t

Eno: Before and After Science
. We just bought this on vinyl. I've always liked Here Come the Warm Jets, and Another Green World- I don't know why I haven't listened to this more!

You can hear Eno's future work with the Talking Heads in this album
(nerd alert: The title for the track "Kings Lead Hat" is actually an anagram of "Talking Heads") , and listening to it again- I now realize that James Murphy and TV on the Radio have enjoyed this record, too.


Judy Linn's photographs of Robert Mapplethorpe & Patti Smith.
Smith & Mapplethorpe are so young, beautiful, and so aware of their potential even back then.


Photo: Yu-i Chan.

Mina Perhonen Catalogs
Every catalog is printed in a different format. The design is carefully considered. Art objects in themselves. I can't wait to get my hands on the new Spring catalog.


Susan Cianciolo & Mike Mills
I must thank Katie Hanburger of The Slow Season for introducing me to this- I had been a fan of Cianciolo's work- but was completely unaware of Mike Mills' textile designs and his collaboration with Cianciolo until Katie tipped me off.
Expands my ideas of what fashion can be.


My Tumblr
I love going to my Tumblr and hitting the archive link. It's fun to notice the connections in moods, patterns, designs and colors between all of the images I have collected here.


My dream for ERMIE- to one day be as great as this design house. YES to ERMIE dresses, textiles, & housewares !


SASHA said...

heyyyyy yr tumblr is rad:)))

Galit said...

Enjoyed your post and inspirational links so much!!!
Those photographs of Robert Mapplethorpe & Patti Smith touched my heart in a strange way. I was reading your line "aware of their potential even back then" a couple of times. Interesting. It's a great quality I think, to be aware of your own potential isn't it?

Marimekko is a good aim, but as great as it is, and it is no doubt one of the greatest, I find your designs much more personal and interesting.
Here's to ERMIE design house!!

Anne-Marie said...

So fascinating! I love seeing the connections of all the things that inspire you.

Jennifer said...

I totally agree--the Ermie design house will rock the world!

I'm loving tumblr too, and your choices are pretty awesome.

(Love this post; nice to see what inspires you!)

P R I M O E Z A said...

love this jennifer. i am also a huge fan of pj harvey and i notice you reference mina perhonen a lot. i've never seen a catalogue in real life but i really want to now. where do you get them from?

jennifer said...

Gorgeous inspirations.
I really need to learn tumblr:)

Anonymous said...

can definitely see an ermie design house in your future !

Anonymous said...

new pj harvey album is so so good, i knew it would be. i loooooooove her, always have, for so long, since i was a teenager playing 'dress' on repeat. she has so much permanence, such an artist with such a voice, i love everything she does, totally. :)

Jennifer said...

Elizabeth- RE: MP Catalogs-
I get them via Hiki's store: Uguisu Shoten.
It's listed under " Favorite Merchants" on my link list.
Sometimes she lists them in her store for sale, other times I have emailed her & inquired about the latest catalog.

Janis said...

I am wishing for your dream(s) to come true - xo