Monday, January 17, 2011

The Golden Smith...


All Photos: David Neale one of my favorite blogs to read right now (by gold and silversmith David Neale) . Mr. Neale lives in Melbourne, AU and just opened an online shop.

His Aster earrings make me wish I still had pierced ears.


P R I M O E Z A said...

i also love his work - but i haven't checked out his blog before - good find!

melindatrees said...

his aster earrings also make me wish i had pierced ears..

Anonymous said...

i don't have pierced ears, either! every so often some killer earrings come along that make a convincing argument, but i've never been able to take the plunge... ;)

David Neale said...

Thanks very much Jennifer!

Pierced ears:
Earrings are a- ma-zing
go for it!
but ask your Moms first ;-)

Jennifer said...

you are so welcome.
My Moms (hee) let me pierce my ears when I was about 5...but then in my 20's they became very irritated by anything that I wore in them (except gold, which I couldn't afford at the time) I had to let them grow closed. Maybe I should try again?

David Neale said...

Yes- Gold.
Lots of people wont wear gold because the gold jewelry they're familiar with is garish and ugly. Im trying to change that, by following ancient ways.
Gold artefacts from Egypt or Scythia or Etruria are so beautiful- high purity and low polish. And they still exist because gold doesnt react readily with oxygen.
Thats why gold is great to wear because it is very chemically stable. It is expensive though!

Jennifer said...

David, yes! Gold indeed! Your take on gold has made me fall in love with it :)