Tuesday, January 4, 2011


1930's Navajo Silver and Turquoise Thunderbird Ring - a gift from Madeleine for Christmas. I love it so. Not just because it's perfect and Madeleine gave it to me, but because it also comes from the personal collection of a family friend who collects silver and textiles who I hope to do a proper post about some day soon.

Found these additional landscape snapshots from our Christmas train trip.
I'm not sure if they are my snapshots or Tomory's! I thought they went well with the ring.

Also for your enjoyment:
Ready For The House.
I spend a good couple of hours last night going through this great blog by Los Angeles artist Ricky Swallow (whom I mentioned briefly a while back in 2010). So many beautiful things there. Found via Ashley Helvey/Hunter Gathererer (of course!).

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Heather Taylor said...

love the ring. love those pictures