Monday, January 10, 2011

Textile Love.


Images from one of my favorite things I received for Christmas:

Five Centuries of Indonesian Textiles, ed. by Barnes and Kahlenberg, Delmonico/ Prestel Books, 2010.


Project I'm going to make for my trip to NYC in February. I decided to make it in Midnight Blue. I'm going to wear it with my Modaspia Black Wool Topper (I've always liked the combination of Black and Navy- how can they clash? The night sky is black and blue...). The cream color pictured is so pretty, but I'd ruin it in 5 seconds with spilling coffee on it or something.


Mae said...

Love the textiles and your first photo in your prior post.

Anne-Marie said...

Perfect for NYC February. :-)

Anonymous said...

my favorite color is navy blue! and i love navy and black together - perfection.

i'm going to have to check out that book of yours. ; )

Jennifer said...

That beaded fabric is so happy, and the leaf/vine fabric has a bit of a art nouveau inspiration to me. That must be an incredible book!

I bookmarked that cowl as soon as I got the Purl newsletter; if I can ever finish any of the other cowl scarves I've been working on ;)

I'm now working in NYC M-F and would love to catch up with you while you're in town, if you're up for a face-to-face... if not, no worries!

Mallory said...

Those textiles are amazing.... I definitely need to buy that book.

Heather Taylor said...

knitting jinx!

Allison said...

I saw that cowl DIY and totally adore it. Unfortunately I can't spend $100 for that beautiful yarn! Good luck and I love the color you picked :)