Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Trying to do a little drawing each day to focus my brain. I feel like it's in scanning mode (too much internet) and I've lost the ability to slow down and focus.
These sketches of clover from our yard are pretty wonky (I'm very rusty and the flowers close up quickly once they are picked) but it's a start...


whitney reeder said...

your sketches are beautiful!

Janis said...

Hooray for sketching... I really like what you're doing ... lovely Jennifer! xo

Anonymous said...

i did daily collage project some time ago (which actually became more time consuming than I had originally intended) for similar reasons. i had read that chris ofili did watercolors when he went to his studio every day, and those watercolors were so loose and beautiful. i feel like i have so little time that i just need to focus on getting through my to-do list, but i bet something like this would do me a world of good. hope it's working for you!

Ella said...

really loving the color schemes in the first image! these are beautiful illustrations!

Anonymous said...

1. i love your paintings!
2. i dig your haircut so much i'm tempted to do the same.
3. you look fab in the dress by oami.
4. overgrown gardens are the best!