Friday, January 21, 2011



Anyone who knows me, pretty much knows that I'm a
superfreak for all things Mina Perhonen.
When I saw
Hiki was selling this book through her store, I snapped it up. Like all of Minagawa's publications, the printing and the design is lovely. This book is bound using a traditional Japanese technique, and comes with it's own slip case. The contents are great as well- featuring images of the designer's textiles, embellishments, articles in English, and quotes from the designer and his team.

I've also been meaning to share this with you for a while- images from a CD that my brother in law Alex and his girlfriend
Satoko brought back from Japan for me featuring the Mina Perhonen F/W 2010-11 collection. A single model is featured throughout, wearing MP, lounging and moving quietly through spare, modern interiors. Very pretty- sorry my iPhone photos of my computer screen don't really do the video justice.

Also for kicks- I have an extra copy of this issue of So-En which is really beautiful- featuring both Mina Perhonen and Liberty, which I am giving away to the first person who leaves a comment under this post :)

ED: Winnie Wins! Winnie, please contact me via my email with your mailing address (located under my profile, and congratulations :) !!


winnie said...

Awesome. Me please?

Jennifer said...

Hi Winnie, Yes, you!
You won- please contact me via my email: jenp8 at hotmail dot com.

Anonymous said...

omggg! i selfishly wish i were the first to have left a comment. but i'm happy for winnie. : )

P R I M O E Z A said...

oh missed out! but i loved this post, the images are supercute.

jane said...

man i love this!
a big hello jennifer!

Agn├Ęs et Matilde said...

so similar to your husband's art

Galit said...

Thanks Jennifer for your visit and correction!!!
Mina is a very feminine Hebrew name, therefore the typo :)

Have a great weekend!!