Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Uroko Gata Print

Uroko gata Print (Rainbow Trout)

ERMIE SP 2011 Uroko Gata Print in Rainbow Trout colorway.

Uroko gata Print (Goldfish and Koi)

ERMIE SP 2011 Uroko Gata Print in Goldfish (blouse yoke) and Koi (blouse base) colorways.

Uroko gata Print (Goldfish and Koi)

Uroko gata Print (Rainbow Trout, studio view)

Uroko gata Print (Rainbow Trout- detail)

Textile design © Jennifer Parry Dodge 2010

Another Spring ERMIE 2011 print that I have made some one-off items from that I will be selling here October 23rd & 24th!

Looks like a Madras Plaid or a something resembling a Pendleton blanket print from a distance- but it is not. Look closer- it is actually a fish scale print (aka: Uroko Gata...my Great Aunt Ermie loved Japan, and traveled there extensively). I will be offering this print in three colorways: Rainbow Trout, Goldfish, and Koi in 100% Cotton Lawn.

This lovely pattern was lifted from my pal Kelly White's goldfish- I took some pretty little photos of him (her?) at a recent BBQ at Kelly's & voila: Uroko Gata Print.


Tina said...

Jennifer -

LOVE the new prints!!

cheryl cambras said...

Gorgeous, Jennifer!

ah-yi said...

oh man,
you are working so hard!! :)
i can't wait to see those fabric in person!

Li said...

i am so happy to come across your blog from Primoeza. it is so nice to see a print with different dimensions and colors are vibrant and cheerful.

please keep in touch, xx

Heather Taylor said...

Love! That's trippy!