Monday, October 4, 2010

L.A. Opera ( & ERMIE News).


Wearing ERMIE to the Opera!
(dress pattern by Jenny Gordy/Wiksten).

Clutch by Clare Vivier.


All shots below- taken in 2008 at the L.A. Opera.


Tomory and I went to the L.A. Opera yesterday afternoon. The tickets were a gift from my in-laws. We saw the Marriage of Figaro, with Placido Domingo conducting! This was such a marvelous production. The sets, costumes, and lighting were all fantastic - rich jewel tones, and lighting that mimicked dusk/dawn, moonlight and starlight. The singing and performances were delightful, wonderful. There were even onstage fireworks at the finale of the piece!

I wish I could have shown you photographs, but photography is strictly prohibited inside the theater. The one shot I managed to take of the curtain (actually shot a couple of years ago at The Magic Flute)- I was scolded by an usher right after taking it. Even so- if you live in Los Angeles, I encourage you to visit this wonderful institution. Everyone should see an opera at least once in their lifetime!

This week I will try to get some of the ERMIE fabrics in the shop to at least start selling yardage!

** I see my seamstress tonight to view some samples she is sewing for the end of the year collection (calling it a Fall collection is kind of ridiculous at this point). I'm having her sew some skirts, dresses, & long-sleeved knit boat-neck tees. These will go into the shop, and I will also hopefully have some of these pieces for sale at this event in a couple of weeks locally!

** At this same event, I will also be selling some one-off dresses, simple blouses, re-worked Slouch Cowls (they will have better posture- ha- slightly less slouchy than those of last year) , & printed silk scarves. I will have work with textile designs from the End of the Year collection, and new designs for Spring 2011.

& Weekend Recap:

I made Chocolate Zucchini Bread based on a recipe from this marvelous book.

We grilled steaks last night...roasted some Brussel sprouts and potatoes, and I made a little salad of sliced pears, blue cheese, lemon juice, black pepper, and a pomegranate from the tree in our yard!

Annie Hall played uninterrupted in it's entirety on KCET last night. It was the kick-off of a new film series they are doing. Next week it's Edward Scissorhands!
(So many good fashion moments in Annie Hall. Such a great film).

Gotta go- work to do- it's drizzling today, and I couldn't be happier!


Jennifer said...

I really love that dress and your fabric! You both look so stylish for your afternoon at the opera. It sounds like a perfect performance. Where is your beautiful shawl from?

Very smart having a seamstress working with you on your collection; I can't imagine how stressful it would be to try to do it all on your own. I can't wait to see your new designs in your new fabrics, and definitely the scarves... I'm having so much fun experimenting with a bunch of my photos in Spoonflower to see about some yardage for scarves too.

Jennifer said...

I've answered my own question... the shawl is a Virginia Johnson (the design looks like hers and the tiny sky blue tag clinched it)!

Megan Taylor said...

that top pic of you is soooo cute and sweet, i love it

Claire said...

You're really beautiful!... Love your dress!

Anonymous said...

you look so beautiful + colorful! i am going to the opera this month and was feeling panicky about what to wear. thanks for the outfit inspiration!

(and: i am SO happy it's finally brussels sprouts season.)

jeana sohn said...

you look beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Jen, yes, Virginia Johnson. Got that one on sale :)
Love her- have you seen her new bedding? I want.

Thanks for all the very nice comments on my photo. Tomory took it, so it's actually an okay one of me. I usually think I look like a man in photos. This one I'm kind of making a slightly funny face at Tomory.

modaspia said...

yeah, you look beautiful jennifer..a creative life suits you well!

Heather Taylor said...

you look beautiful!