Monday, October 18, 2010

Fete Bourgogne

The Puff Pastry
The MeatThe Wines
The Chef!

Photos from the Fete Bourgogne we attended Saturday night at Max's (please- someone give this man a grant to start a restaurant- he is a true artist with food) and Cheryl's home.

We all contributed a little to the meal (T. & I brought cheeses and a ginormous pomegranate from our tree, Gian & Sandra bread & a salad, Hadley and Thomas- cheesecake made with quark from a German recipe that belonged to Thomas' Grandmother and a rhubarb compote).

Max's amazing cooking & wine pairing from his carefully curated wine collection resulted in one of the best meals of my life. A beautiful autumn evening spent in the company of good friends. What could be better?

More photos here.


Anonymous said...

are those chantarelles???? YUUUUUUUM! i've had that pommard wine.... double yum! :)

cheryl cambras said...

Wasn't that fun?! I just sent your post to Max. He'll be so happy! Yes, we gotta get him a restaurant!

montmarte said...

oh yum! that looks like such a good meal. and the pomegranate from your garden is beautiful!

Megan Taylor said...

so festive!

jeana sohn said...

mmmm,,, dream dinner!!