Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kim in Isabel


We saw Sonic Youth and Pavement at the Bowl the other night.

I love Kim Gordon. She is just cool. My favorite star sighting involves her. It took place in 1994, in NYC (not even L.A.!). I was in art school, and I was at Agnes B., trying on clothes (I had no business doing this- back then I really couldn't afford it). Agnes B. had a communal dressing room. Guess who was standing literally right next to me in her unmentionables? Yup. Ms. Gordon- and she was pregnant with Coco at the time!! I was very excited, and tried to play it cool (I'm sure I didn't, though).

At the Bowl show I'm fairly certain she was wearing head-to- toe Isabel Marant. She looked good. Damn. Not only is she an amazing musician, but she can rock heels and mini skirt, too (I'm at least 10 years younger than she is, and I could never pull off the short denim mini she wore).

Rock On, Ms. Gordon.

Isabel Marant SP 2011 now up!


tiffany... said...

oh, i'm so jealous... sonic youth and pavement! what an amazing show that must have been!

isn't kim gordon so awesome?!
she lives in the town i work in and i'll see her and/ or thurston around (sometimes coco too)... one time she and i ended up in the same several stores christmas shopping and i wonder if she thinks i was stalking her! ha!
i also saw them at a local sugar shack waiting in line with the rest of us for pancakes and maple syrup!
thanks for sharing your moment...
i think i need to listen to some sonic youth and pavement now!

Anonymous said...

i have always admired kim gordon's style so much - especially her more mature 'mom' look vs her street style of the early 90s. the first time i ever saw her play live she was wearing a short sleeved gold lame minidress by marc jacobs with black opaque stockings. it made such an impression on me.

later i saw her play in a stunning (also marc jacobs?) striped sequined minidress. such a personal style icon... and what a superb dancer! ;)

Megan Taylor said...

oh I love shows at the bowl!

modaspia said...

great story wow !!!! she is pretty great..thurston's not so bad either. she is at least 20 yrs older than you please! she's like the only one older than me (by 10 or more yrs i think).
i love pavement too...they played in this tiny bar in chico (early 90's?) when i was there finishing college. i was so into them that summer so it was sheer bliss.

Jennifer said...

Ursula, yeah-Thurston is still hot, too. I actually said to my friend Dean during the show how great all the band members (in Sonic Youth and Pavement) still look... they really have all aged well.