Saturday, June 25, 2011


Textile designs © Jennifer Parry Dodge 2011

Some color for your weekend.

More textiles for fall...1-3 a spectrum print in different colorways...this print was made from a photograph I took of a spectrum cast on the wall by one of our bike's reflectors. Yup. It's true.

Alternate colorways for these prints...

Still not sure about naming these...after bands? Songs? Artists? Nothing seems quite right. I don't want to give them seasonal names...because these prints will probably show up again in some form in S/S '12

So excited for fall: I'm collaborating with a very talented artist which may yield leather belts, and a sweater or two!!

Have a good one!


Cheryl said...

Lovely work!

Katie said...

Hi Jennifer!

Stones? Rock formations?

I love it when you explain the source image for your patterns...

leFiligree said...

i love how the prints relate to the clothing. it's really unique.

i'd be tempted to name the prints after artists. ellsworth, close, rothko

Jennifer said...

The combination in greens in the third photo really reminds me of an agate geode slice--they're all gorgeous!

SW said...

Holy wow those are gorgeous! Your eye for color is off the charts.

And thank you soooo much for the tumblr shout-out!

Heather Taylor said...

Gorgeous colors and prints! love!

Anonymous said...

I second Katie's vote for stones/rock formations for sure.

SASHA said...

love the colors in that top one.

bigBANG studio said...

These are STUNNING. How about geological terms in general, which would compliment the themes of physical structure, time, process, and the act of shifting, moving forces? Alluvium, basalt, gneiss, kimberlite, feldspar- the toothsome list goes on and on.