Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Satoko in ERMIE


Photos: Alex Dodge

Satoko is my future sister-in-law!! *

I am so thrilled. My brother-in-law Alex & Satoko recently became engaged. Alex is visiting her in Japan right now, but they briefly took a detour to Hawaii to visit with Gretchen & Charlie (his aunt & uncle) in their new home in Hana.
My mother-in-law Madeleine is there right now, too, and the pieces Satoko is wearing actually belong to her. They were styles and prints that I didn't end up including in the S/S '11 collection.
(However if you are interested in either, just contact me if you'd like to purchase them).

Hmm. I think I need to convince Satoko to go to Hawaii with me to shoot the lookbook for ERMIE S/S '12!

Congratulations Alex & Satoko!!

* ( I also need to get some ERMIE garments to my other future sister in law Cecile...who is equally lovely and marrying my other brother in law John. It's a very exciting time right now for the Dodge clan...


Vanessa Samp said...

whoa! how amazin' these 'ermie prints' look in hawaii jennifer. so pretty!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh this is so amazing. we are going on a spontaneous trip to jamaica next week - i wish i had time to be outfitted in ermie for the occasion! :)

P R I M O E Z A said...

oh, she's so cute and your pieces look great!

natsumi said...

Congratulations!! Satoko looks beautiful in Ermie print! Are you planning to visit Japan??