Tuesday, June 14, 2011



Above: Painting in the background by Lucy Mink


Textile designs © Jennifer Parry Dodge 2011

Textiles, prototypes for F/W '11:

I am being subliminally influenced by my surroundings!

"I like to put things up around my bed all the time, pictures of mine that I like and other things and I change it every month or so. There’s some funny subliminal thing that happens. It isn’t just looking at it. It’s looking at it when you’re not looking at it. It really begins to act on you in a funny way."

- Diane Arbus


Belinda said...

Ooh aahh. I LOVE seeing sneak peeks of your new prints. You have no idea.

Jennifer said...

Oh Jen, these are AMAZING. Each design makes such perfect use of your textiles. Kudos.

oneeyedrabbit said...

Ahh! I love the new prints. You're killing my bank account! My husband is already pissed over my most recent purchase!!! Seriously, I LOVE the prints. Keep up the awesome work!!!

Anonymous said...

Such a great quote - thanks for that one!

These are very, very cool prints. Love the silhouette of the first one!


Cheryl Cambras said...

So beautiful!

Mae said...

Jennifer, that first piece is absolutely stunning!

julie @ hazel and hunter said...

these prints are stunning, love them!

Megan Taylor said...

so summery!

Christine said...

I LOVE the prints and the cuts! Just amazing!

With love from

Sweet Ronit said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love both the prints and the pieces you made with them.

Wonderful quote too - it's funny, I love Arbus' quotes much more than her work!

Jennifer said...

Thank you!!
I'm excited about the F/W prints & collection.
I'm having problems with narrowing down what to include!
These styles will probably have longer sleeves... But maybe not.

Megan- funny, yes. They are summery too! I have been wearing these now. Taking them on test drives :)
It's the (subliminal?) effect of living in California!
But I do aim to make my garments seasonless.
Natural fibers like the cottons & silks I work with can be worn year 'round with a little layering & creativity!

edgertor said...

i love these! the pixelated ombre faux plaid is the best, but i also am a sucker for thin multicolored stripes. wow, i'm really tempted when you release these. will you consider selling just the fabric also?

shara said...

Love the prints and the quote! So true, sometimes I will sketch out an idea and a week later it will hit me that it was based on a painting or photograph I loved.

p.s. The striped fabric is sooo awesome. Beautiful work!

Jennifer said...

edgertor: I think so!
I wanted to sell some yardage towards the end of this summer too- remnants of spring fabric, some from last fall.
It was just a bit too much to do it all at the same time this season.

Thanks Shara :)
Looking forward to seeing what you do for fall.

leanne said...

love. love the short sleeves. love the prints.

ALL said...

LOVE the new bright stripe print in that dress. Would definitely buy that!

P R I M O E Z A said...

love these jennifer, your work is evolving beautifully.

ilana kohn said...

oh man they just keep getting better and better! I really love the second striped print especially!

Jo and Sue said...

Is that your work ?! We love it :o =)
Jo & Sue

YHBHS said...