Thursday, June 2, 2011



One of the best things about pursuing textiles and clothing design for a living has been the opportunity to meet other emerging and independent designers and to sometimes trade with them!

Shara Lotfi contacted me out of the blue after seeing my work on Jenny's blog. We struck up a little correspondence. Shara and her husband Chris Koehler have been collaborating on a clothing line (Lotfi) and just released their first collection this spring. Chris is a painter and Shara has co-designed textiles based upon the imagery in his paintings. Sound familiar? ;)

Crazy, right ?!

Another coincidence: Chris and Shara also run an online store called A La Fin Du Mond. They sell my friend Ashley's jewelry! I had been admiring Shara & Chris' clothing- but after seeing it again on Ashley's other blog- that clinched it! I had to have the Planetarium Dress.

Lucky for me- Shara wanted something of mine, too.

I love the dress. It is so beautiful. I like that you can play with the ties - fastening them in the front or back of the dress, tying them snug or loose. Shara even included some yummy exotic candies in my package when she shipped the dress.

Thanks Shara & Chris- I can't wait to see what you do next!

*I'll try to take a photo of myself in the actual dress...but I have to figure out the self-timer on this new camera first!

I had to have Tomory help, but here you go:




Heather said...

Ooh, how lovely. I love trading so much. Looking forward to seeing a photograph of you in it.

Shayna said...

wow, this dress is gorgeous. what a wonderful trade! she lucked out with her pick, too. your dress looks fantastic on her...looking forward to seeing hers on you!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful! I love the textile design too. It seems very fitting with your fashion tastes. What a great exchange! I'd love to do more exchanges with other designers but I'd have to convince them to take like five necklaces for one small article of theirs ;)

Shara said...

You look great! So fun to see the dress on you.