Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June Gloom


The weather may be gloomy & grey- but the plants & flowers in my yard are anything but.
I'm fairly certain the cactus in my front yard is a prickly pear...does anyone know if all varieties of the fruit from the prickly pear are edible (ours never turn a full red color)?
My husband says yes, but I am not so sure.
It looks good- sort of like a kiwi fruit on the inside!


amanda jane said...

isn't it great how the world looks prettier when it's overcast? the colors just pop. these are beautiful images.

Jennifer said...

Amanda Jane,
thanks!I've always thought that about overcast days- esp. rainy days in the autumn- that's when the fall colors look their very best!
Just took a peek at your blog- lovely- and I love that you are a letterpress artist.

leanne said...

the world looks so much more vibrant on gloomy days. i loved my days rowing on lake washington in seattle for this very reason. and the june gloom makes me miss southern california. thank you for sharing.

Jocy said...

I am hooked on that soy tofu recipe too.