Sunday, June 12, 2011


Got done with yoga, came home and made one of my favorites for lunch. Looked at the Dumbo Feather that Elizabeth sent me (TY Elizabeth!!).


This is what I'm going to send her-pictured below- (Monday, Elizabeth- I promise!! :) )...we did a little mail swap. I love mail swaps!!


Went to upload all of these pics on our computer in the office. The office has a window that looks out into our backyard.
I saw these guys in Ed's Loquat you see them??


Which was funny- because we were talking about the wild parrots in our neighborhood at yoga this morning. My teacher was saying how she hadn't seen them in awhile. I piped up & said that they were in our part of the neighborhood, and that I thought it had to do with what sort of fruit was ripe & where --I was totally bullshitting- I didn't really know why--but I guess I was actually right!!


jeana sohn said...

i miss the sea salt caramel!! yummm!!
you are an expert of the tofu jorim. haha.

Angela Barnes said...

I love sea salt caramels! Especially ones covered in chocolate!

This is enough to make me want to go out right now and buy a bag!

Janis said...

Ohhh, LOVE the parrots. You are one lucky girl to have them right in front of you - x

shara said...

Will have to check out Dumbo Feather! Sounds like an awesome magazine. I love how the parrots are almost camouflaged in the trees in your yard...

Anne-Marie said...

Whoah! I've heard that there are parrots where I am living but I haven't seen them yet.

emilyn said...

wow, you weren't kidding when you said the parrots were all over your neighbor's tree!!

P R I M O E Z A said...

he he :) looking forward to a sugar hit.

Jennifer said...

Jeana- I have a serious tofu jorim problem ;)

Angela- these are sooo good. It's been really hard to not eat them before I send them to my friend!

Janis, Anne-Marie, Emilyn: They were so beautiful.I couldn't believe how close they were either. I felt a little bad about taking their picture- it spooked them.

Shara- Dumbo Feather is really great- might have to subscribe!

Elizabeth- they are coming! xx