Friday, June 10, 2011

Simple, Lovely





What could be simpler than walking out my front door to snap the evening sun setting over the hills in the distance? It's lovely view, too.
Sorry my images here are so home-centric of late- but I have been a bit more of a homebody than usual with trying to process orders for ERMIE!

However, I have been making it out into the virtual world:
The lovely Joslyn (that's her below-gorgeous!!) asked me to write a little piece about some of my favorite things that you can read over on her great blog today. You are probably familiar with her blog already, but just in case you are not- please check it out: Joslyn has one of the best innate senses of style out there in blog land!


Also very exciting, the charming Kirsten Harris who writes for Colette Patterns blog was generous enough to be interested in interviewing me about my textiles. If you sew, or are interested in the history of fashion, you should check out Colette. Great information about dress through the ages can be found there, as well as sewing tutorials, and you can purchase the sweet retro sewing patterns designed by Colette founder Sarai Mitnick.


Thanks Joslyn, Kirsten, and Sarai for your kindness and interest!

Have a great weekend all!


About Last Weekend said...

Just came through from Simple Lovely. Jody here, nice to meet you! Love your textiles and images of your home and around.

Megan Taylor said...

Yay simple lovely! Your favorites were gorgeous :)


KirstieBirstie said...

Thanks Jennifer, it was a pleasure--and I am loving all your new pictures of your fall textiles!!