Thursday, January 22, 2009


Carla (one of Tomory's wonderful gallerists) and her lovely partner Judi were in town last weekend. While they were here, Judi generously gave us this beautiful pillowcase from her line of home goods.

It's made from a quilt that was initially produced in India.
The embroidery is amazing:

Above: Judi's business card. Her store that she had is no longer open, but her website is still up and running. I love her sense of color, pattern. Be sure to take a look at her upholstered furniture.


Heather Beth Taylor said...

wow - that is quite beautiful!

Jeana Sohn said...

oh my! your friend's shop looks amazing!
thanks, jennifer. xo

janis said...

What a nice friend to give you such a treasure - Beautiful! I will be checking out her website now...