Thursday, January 29, 2009

100th Post and Giveaway!

This, as the title indicates, is my 100th post! I can scarcely believe it.

In honor of my Aunt Ermie (that's her, above) and this numerical event, I'll be giving away some yarn and fabric from my stash. The yarn is 1 skein of Colourscape Chunky by Kaffe Fassett. It's great stuff, soft, 100% lambswool and a little goes a long way. I made this scarf with 1 skein. About a $28 value.

I'll also throw in some remnants of Gocco-printed fabric that I've made. And maybe something else. Who knows?

You'll have until midnight Pacific Standard Time Sunday 2/1/09 to post something about a loved one who has influenced your creativity in a positive way. Then I'll randomly draw a name. Your name will only be entered once. Your odds are very good, since I only have a few (very much appreciated xo! ) loyal posters. I'll post the name of the lucky winner on Monday 2/2/09
Good luck, and thanks for your continued interest in this space :)


Leslie said...

happy 100! wow. that was fast. do you remember before when you didn't have a blog? i do! creative folks. my mom. definitely. she had me sewing at an early age. and helped me develop my love for it!

Jennifer said...

I do remember!
Thanks Leslie for the encouragement.
And thanks for posting!
All of a sudden I was thinking...what if I gave a giveaway and no one came...
You and your mom seem really close!I bet she's a neat lady.

n a t s u m i said...

Congratulations! 100th posts sounds amazing to me!! I just counted mine.. surprise!! ... My posts are almost close to 100 too!

I would say my parents! They gave me a lot of freedom when I was in child... oxox

cheryl cambras said...

congrats! my whole family has influenced my work, but my grandma lily stands out. she made her sewing projects up as she went along, using anything she had around. i still cherish the first doll she made me. i started blogging under the name lily's rooster, named after her and her favorite pet -- a little red rooster.

janis said...

Hi Jennifer, My Aunt Rosalie was a big influence and inspiration to me. She was very artistic and very Italian! I love how she exposed me to a different world and way of thinking.
Aunt Ermie is lovely...

shazam said...

my Grandfather had this amazing old wooden drafting table in his house and when we were kids we used to sit up at it and do drawings with all his fabulous drafting pencils. He would always encourage me especially since I showed the most interest. when he passed away i ended up with a few wooden boxes of his various pencils and tools and a bunch of his drawings from 1927. He signed his drawings MINK, that is the reason I sign the back of my paintings MINK and why i hold on to my name, I miss him very much, he was a wonderful grandfather and father to my dad.

ok and I could totally use that yarn and fabric for a huge weaving project I'm doing with my kids school, the final weaving will be auctioned off at the end of Feb.

And Jen, I just realized you had a blog, I have a blog as well, mostly mom stuff but a blog, I don't post as frequently but I try.

(shazam) is Lucy

Ritva said...

jeeee- congrats!
there are many people who have influenced and encouraged me. it´s hard to choose. i would say that life itself has been the one. in my childhood, i spend summers in a farm, where artists and writers had summer courses. it must have an impact on me.

Heather Beth Taylor said...

that yarn looks beautiful!