Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Desert Gear


When we were in the desert, I brought many articles of clothing. I like to be prepared for the sometimes dramatic shifts in climate the desert brings (and I'm just not a light packer. I wish I were! ) I ended up wearing my own designs. A lot. Which is great--they really were the perfect items for this climate and occasion.

Such as the ERMIE Topanga Dress:


Above cardigan: Primoeza.
Below: Pendleton sweater from Beklina, Dealtry scarf.


The dress is made from a nice thick knit fabric in organic cotton. Cut roomy and away from the body to stay cool during the day, yet long and warm enough to cozy up in once the sun went down, or if the wind picked up as it did above at Giant Rock.
My favorite moment on this trip while wearing this dress occurred at a rest stop. An elderly gentleman, (who was casually attired in a bright purple polo shirt and khaki's) approached me and said "That's quite a colorful outfit! Why, I like it!"


Also worn: the ERMIE Huipil Dress from last Spring:
(shown below with the Yarn Print Scarf in Mojave)


I plan on making a few a versions of this dress for SS '12. I love how Joslyn modified the neckline on hers, showing a little more skin.


For dinner at night: red lips, my sparkly Isabel Marant Jacket (gotta have some sparkle in Palm Springs) with the After Party Print silk chiffon scarf. Last I checked, Platform had a couple of these scarves left in stock ;)


Also in heavy rotation on this trip, jewelry by Dream Collective, shoes by Beatrice Valenzuela, and bags by Clare Vivier.
I love the design that is happening here in L.A. !

I didn't forget my East Coast gals, though. Besides Helen's scarf, there's a ring by Jennifer and a necklace by Ilana that I've been wearing frequently while away and at home. I'll show you those tomorrow.

Also in wearable news: I placed selected F/W '11 items on sale in the shop.
One-off items and some scrap yardage will be on sale here soon on this blog.

* Photos 2-4 by Tomory. Tweaked by me. (I hate having my photo taken by other people...I freeze up and make strange, unflattering faces...you pretty much have to catch me unaware to get a good shot. Even when I take my own photo, I have to discard 10 until I get 1 acceptable shot! )


jenny gordy said...

I'm totally wearing all my Ermie in the desert next week! It's the perfect thing.

Anonymous said...

hell yes to desert gear!

so happy you could get away to your fave place!


P R I M O E Z A said...

you look beautiful. your clothes were made for that backdrop.

Belinda [simple things] said...

Looking good, lady! Doesn't everyone dislike photos of themselves?

Ermie certainly works in the desert. And it pleases elderly gentlemen too! Love it.

That old caravan is gorgeous. What a delightful trip this seems to have been.

natsumi nishizumi said...

Happy New year, Jennifer! Hope you have a wonderful 2012!!

You look wonderful!!

m i l e n a said...

there's something so stylish and comforting in the act layering. lovely pieces, and ermie works so well in the sunshine x

Vanessa Samp said...

ermie in the desert = mystical powers
<3! make fire:)

Janis said...

You look so natural there... definitely in your element :)

Anna said...

Lovely, lovely work!

Anna said...


Natalie (Fashion Intel) said...

Absolutely love that the Huipil Dress and look forward to seeing it in other creations!