Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Natural Phenomena

standard mag

The ERMIE Solstice Print Dress is featured in the current issue of Standard Magazine. The Solstice print is actually developed from an iPhone photo of holiday lights reflected in a frosty window, taken on the date of the winter solstice in 2010. It also intentionally resembles a starry night sky!
Created by Kelly La Plante, Standard Magazine features sustainable and eco-conscious design.
It's chock full of beautiful design and inspiration. Please take a look!

To coincide with this, I am offering the made to order version of the Solstice Print Dress at 25% off plus free shipping in the shop for a limited time!

Thanks Kelly & Jenny!

Other natural phenomena: Red, red poinsettia.


Cracked fruit in the front yard:


The above pic reminds me of a Stan Bitters Birdhouse (the pomegranate even has a little bird poo on it).


The Tiniest Habanero peppers from our garden. I'm tempted to pop one of them in my mouth whole and see what happens (Note to self: probably a bad idea).


montmarte said...

yay! congratulations, jennifer!

joanna said...

All very delightful, except for maybe the habanero directly in the mouth. ; )


Vanessa Samp said...

congrats<3! the habanero is so cute:)

Belinda [simple things] said...

Congratulations, Jennifer!

Habanero in mouth - probably not worth trying. They look so cute, though.

Cheryl Cambras said...

Congrats, J! Great news.

Megan Taylor said...


ilana kohn said...

congrats jennifer! :) god knows i'm a fan of that print!

btw, tried the habenero in the mouth over the summer, noooot a good idea....

ashley said...

congrats jennifer!

DON'T put that pepper in your mouth! those things are soooo spicy (and i can eat spicy food) when i was in haiti they made their cabbage salad with slivers of those things and it was SO HOT! it makes my mouth water just thinking of it...

shara said...

Congratulations, Jennifer! It's a gorgeous print and dress. I also have to recommend against eating a whole habanero, even a tiny one. I've seen someone brave it and it did not look like a fun experience!

Michelle said...

Great news! You deserve all the press in the world! Girl, don't you put that pepper in your mouth!