Friday, January 27, 2012

ERMIE SS '12 Sneak Peeks


ERMIE Silk Tee in the "Mexico" Print in Azul.
100 % Silk. Slips on, no closures.


ERMIE Tank Dress. 100% washed silk. Slips on, no closures, comes with a matching belt (not pictured). Shown here in an as of yet untitled print, a collaboration with artist Tomory Dodge, in the "Light" colorway. There is a "Shadow" (darker) colorway as well.


ERMIE Short Sundress. Shown here in the "Prism" Print in Ultraviolet. 100% Silk. Hidden side zip, back keyhole hook and eye closure. Pockets, fully lined.

Textile designs © Jennifer Parry Dodge & Tomory Dodge 2012

ERMIE Midi/ Maxi Sundress in the "Prism" Print in Infrared. Hidden side zip, back keyhole hook and eye closure. Pockets, lined bodice. Shown here in the Midi Length.

Photos 1-3 Linen Skirt by Mociun.

Jewelry worn throughout: Hand Painted Clay & Wooden Bead Necklace by Vanessa Samp/ Old Lawrence.

Fox Claw necklace & Silver Arrow bracelet by Odette NY.

Multi-colored beaded bracelet by Dull Diamond, available at Myrtle.

Some show and tell for this Friday! I hope you enjoy these warm weather looks from the upcoming ERMIE SS '12 collection. There is much more to come, including some accessories collaborations, and pieces in linen. I'll share as I start to receive more samples back!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. The meeting went well yesterday! It was with a (very sweet) rep from Anthropologie!
I'll share more info as the project (hopefully) progresses. Thanks everyone for your supportive comments!

P.P.S. : Wow! My Tumblr was named one of the Top 20 Fashion Tumblrs on Ecosalon Today!!
Thanks, Ecosalon!


Jennifer said...

JEN! An amazing new collection! I especially love the collab with Tomory, and that Prism print is gorgeous on that dress. And Anthropologie? I can't wait to see what comes of that meeting! Congrats on all levels!

shayna said...

Beautiful prints yet again. Thanks for sharing a peek.

One day I'd love to see a post that talks a little bit about your design process. I'm so impressed with your seemingly instantaneous career change and how quickly it came to fruition. I know there's more of a backstory...would love to hear about it.

And congrats on the meeting!

Jennifer said...

Jen, thank you!
You are always so sweet and generous with your comments!

Shayna, Thank you! As far as my design process, etc. goes: I am actually working on a piece about interview that will hopefully be published in March.

Coletterie published an interview with me last year that may answer some of your questions:

Lauren said...


* * * * * * ****

natasha said...

holy cow, anthropologie!!!!!! jennifer i am so so excited and happy for you. 2012 is going to be a GREAT year for you, i can just feel it. and that spring collection of yours-- just what i need to get through this looooong montreal winter....

Cheryl Cambras said...

Good lord, these are amazing! Great colors on you, too!

Janis said...

As Natasha said...HOLY COW! Oh Jennifer what amazing news and a wonderful journey you're on...go go go.

-the new pieces are fabulous too...the tank collaboration is very cool! xo

ilana kohn said...

Holy moly doesn't even begin to express how much I love these new designs! im having palpitations. jennifer, you just get better and better and better with every design!!!

m i l e n a said...


Maree said...

They are all gorgeous prints but I especially love your collaboration with Tomory. Really looking forward to seeing the rest of SS '12.

Kate said...

Oh wow, that last print in the shorter length? MINE! :)

Jade said...

love them all, but quite partial to the short prism dress and the tomory collaboration!! so beautiful and wearable. super impressed by the way you've grown from season to season.

Various Projects said...

congrats on all the new happenings! what a great way to start the year! i feel so good about indie design in 2012... i just shipped some of my candles to myrtle, so we're shop buddies now. ;)

Anne-Marie said...

That prism print is beautiful. I can not wait to see the linen!

Jocy said...

Jennifer, Your prints get more beautiful with each season. Bravo!

Belinda said...

I go away for the weekend and look what exciting stuff happens! Congratulations on the meeting with Anthropologie, the EcoSalon feature and, of course, these splendid new pieces.

They are all beautiful, but that Prism print in ultraviolet is my favourite of this bunch. And you two came up with it together - even better. I'd love to see the untitled print in the darker colourway, too. And the tank dress is cute - love the simple style with the cute little side split.

jenny gordy said...

Very awesome! One of my favorite things about your work is that you're not afraid to take risks. Congrats on all the new stuff happening! I'm curious and excited to hear more.

jennifer said...

So exciting! It's all beautiful Jennifer!

shara said...

I know I'm seeing this post late but, wow, congratulations! Everything is looking so great and that is such exciting news about your new project!

shisomama said...

zoinks! i can't wait to hear more about what develops with anthropologie. that's really exciting!

and I love that you collaborate with your husband. can't wait to see more of s/s!

oneeyedrabbit said...

I really like the short sundress in the prism print in ultraviolet (and ultrared). I hope you have that one available for sale in your next collection. I want it badly!!!

Jennifer said...

Hi Julie-that style will definitely be in the collection!!
I was just going to do the Ultraviolet Prism Print in the short dress, and the Infrared Prism in the midi length.
Pretty Mommy will have the Ultraviolet Print in the Midi Length.
I can always make something custom for you, too!