Monday, January 23, 2012


Shibori Print Dresses (an exclusive design) going Here.

Alice is also carrying the now sold-out Yarn Print Dolman Dress in Mojave, the sold-out Silk Tee in the Yarn Print (Big Sur colorway) and exclusive Silk Tees in the Ave 51 Print.
All great pre-spring transitional pieces!


Experimenting with some digitally printed linen for spring. The above is a fragment of a new ERMIE SS '12 print on Belgian Linen. Washed and dried several times to soften the linen.

This fabric is interesting--at first I was disappointed because there were small patches of ink that were lifting off of the linen, due to the limitations of the ink with penetrating the thick, nubby texture of the fabric...but the more I washed it, the more I liked it. Especially when combined with this predominately blue print...the fabric resembles old Japanese indigo dyed textiles.


Olga Bennett said...

I really really like that linen!

Belinda said...

Oh Jennifer, the linen. That print is glorious.

Linen is my favourite fabric. It really does get better with washing. I love a piece of clothing that gets better the more it is worn. That is becoming so rare these days. My Primoeza sweater is like that too.

Jennifer said...

The dress is beautiful... You may remember that I'm partial to that print (as on my fab cotton jersey top).

Your design does look great on the washed linen! Better to see how it looks after getting worn in, as that's what will happen with it over the years. If I may inquire, where do you get your textile printed? I only have experience with Spoonflower but would love to find some other fabric options they don't offer.

Jennifer said...

I've been working with DPI in SF. They aren't any cheaper, but they do have more options-- you can even provide them with fabric you've selected to print on.

This linen pictured is quite thick. It may still work for garments...but seems like it would be better for home goods. I'm thinking picnic/table/beach cloth/blanket?

Jennifer said...

I still want to find a finer linen for clothing!

Vanessa Samp said...

i'm happy that you are having fun experimenting with the linen!! i think the linen option will prove to be beautiful!:)

Michelle said...

So pretty. and I seriously can't wait until I get to see your linen for spring! That looks sooo interesting, show me more.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the tip, Jen! And good luck with the linen quest; it would have such amazing potential with your designs. Maybe the heavier linen would make some beautiful totes in a simple shape? Then folks could carry some Ermie with them every day.

Kate said...

ohhh I like that linen!