Friday, December 2, 2011

Come Darkness *


* This post has no actual connection to this show, which I'm sure is fabulous (& I wish I could see in person)... I just really liked the title :)

Oh my!
The last 24 hours have been quite crazy here in Los Angeles, especially in the Highland Park neighborhood where I live. We had severe Santa Ana's on Wednesday night. The winds were hurricane force and in Mt. Washington, the neighborhood adjacent to us, clocked in at 90 miles per hour. The wind was so strong- at one point it pushed our (metal!) porch furniture around like it was made of paper.

We were very lucky that the damage to our home ended up being relatively light...our wooden fence in our back yard split into a couple of chunks, and our yuccas out front lost several large branches--fortunately they didn't smash any cars. The winds knocked out power over much of the city. Ours was down for over 24 hours, and just came back on this afternoon. (If I owe you an email or a you know why I'm a little more behind than usual...I will try to get back to you in the next couple days!)

Last night while the power was out, we cooked a big pot of veggie minestrone on the stove (we could still light the gas, even though the stove is partially electric), shared some nice bread and a bottle of good red wine and talked, sketched, read and wrote letters by candle light. It was actually really nice...

Coincidentally, this beautiful candle that I ordered in the mail arrived yesterday afternoon, and really came in handy last night (that's it pictured in the 5th and 12th photos)!

The last pic is a photo of the After Party print in a silk chiffon scarf...I had a few made. Email me if you are interested :)

Lastly, I promised Arlie that I'd post about the Holiday Sale she organized.
So many talented ladies are participating...and a lot of beautiful items are still available. Please check it out!




Janis said...

Yes, the winds ! they are crazy up here too, though not as severe as yours I noticed... Hang on to you hats! On the serious side - wishing you safe and calmer skies.

Also - I have to say your candlelight evening looks wonderful...power outages can be a good thing sometimes :^) LOVE the after party scarf too - gorgeous!

caroline said...

what a crazy couple of days!! I experienced the insane (& scary) winds too. lost power as well and although after awhile it got pretty boring, I liked that it reminded me of simpler times. drove through pasadena and arcadia and it was just crazy there. poor ficus trees..

Vanessa Samp said...

Ah man the Santa Ana's (crazy they got sooo strong)!!! Beautiful photos of the darkness, I love your new candle!!! :) :) Also, yay for candle magic!

Megan Taylor said...

Oh, I love the candle images! Hope your place is in tact again :)

Various Projects said...

ooh, lovely. glad to see you got the candle in time & it's already come in handy! :)

Natalie (Fashion Intel) said...

I live in San Gabriel in the devastation in the entire SGV was insane. Don't even look at photos of the Arboretum because it is so sad. Even though the wind was nuts, it was fun to sit in candle light, tell stories and read with a flashlight. Glad you had a lovely time as well and that you were safe.

shara said...

I'm glad your house wasn't damaged too badly! How crazy to experience such strong winds. I actually have fond memories of power outages growing up in Venezuela. There is something magical about sitting in candlelight...glad you made the most of it!