Thursday, September 2, 2010



Textile designs © Jennifer Parry Dodge 2010

new shears & ribbon

A little peek of some of the textiles I designed I am going to use in the ERMIE Winter/Holiday collection.

New pieces for Fall/Winter/Holiday will all come out at the same time, and hopefully will be in the shop for sale by mid-October at the latest. The Bokeh Print, Magic Marker Print, and Fragment Print will also all be a part of this end of the year collection.

My friend Cheryl & her beautiful family gave me these amazing dressmaker shears for my birthday last month. I used them to make the Wiksten Pattern Tank Dress in yesterday's post. They cut through fabric like butter. I was just using a pair of sewing scissors from Ikea before!

She also gave me about a yard or so of this vintage ribbon which I love! I've posted about Cheryl many times before...she will have some of her creative & playful crochet sculptures on view as part of an installation that opens at Machine Project this Sunday. Maybe I'll see you there!


P R I M O E Z A said...

i really am so impressed with your fabrics.

Heather Taylor said...

beautiful - your fabrics and the gorgeous ribbon

Janis said...

This is exciting work!

ilana kohn said...

OOOHH, can't wait! and jennifer, i just want to say thank you for being so supportive since day one! we're doing this together. :)

Katie said...

love love LOVE the fabrics! so inspiring

Jennifer said...

Elizabeth, thank-you! What you have been making is so gorgeous as well...the feeling is definitely mutual!I seriously want everything in your new collection.

HBT- I would love to see you in this fabric. You would look amazing in an ERMIE gown. We will talk :)
...thank you so much!

Janis. You are wonderful. Thank-you.

Ilana...geez want something from your new beautiful line, too! You killed it with this fall collection. Thank-you! You are sweet. So excited for you.

Ms. Katie- thank you so much always!

Natalie said...

very cute! i love the fabrics :)

Tina said...

really gorgeous prints- the light in them is amazing!! What fun to create your own fabrics. Aside from making clothing with the fabrics, you could really sell them as art pieces/tapestry hangings as well...