Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Layering (long).

Who knew you guys liked layering so much?

I just finished my 2nd version of the
tank dress from this pattern by the multi-talented Jenny Gordy .This time, I lengthened it by about 4-5" and omitted the pocket. I even had enough fabric left over to make a little self-belt. Love this one!
I also love how it mixes with my ERMIE pieces I am developing for Fall/Winter (and the last piece from Summer that is still in the shop). All of these pieces work effortlessly with Modaspia's French Tee.

So I present- layering!
Some of the guidelines I use to assist me when I layer:
1. Keep items within the same group of colors- for this shoot I worked with blue, green, red, and black.
2. Don't be afraid to mix patterns- stripes with florals, large and small prints, vary as much as you'd like- if you are working within your palette (see #1)- it will work.
3. Have fun, have fun, have fun!


Wiksten Pattern Tank Dress. Made by me from Naomi Ito fabric.


Wiksten Pattern Tank Dress with ERMIE Summer 2010 Frayed Edge Blouse.


Wiksten Patten Tank Dress with ERMIE F/W 10-11 Magic Marker Print Blouse.
Textile design on blouse
© Jennifer Parry Dodge & Tomory Dodge 2010


Wiksten Pattern Tank Dress with Modaspia French Tee.


Modaspia French Tee with ERMIE F/W 2010 Bokeh Print Skirt.
Textile design on skirt
© Jennifer Parry Dodge 2010


ERMIE F/W 2010 Bokeh Print Top & Skirt.
Textile design on both © Jennifer Parry Dodge 2010

ERMIE F/W 2010 Bokeh Print Skirt with ERMIE Summer 2010 Frayed Edge Blouse.
Textile design on skirt © Jennifer Parry Dodge


Jennifer said...

Good lord I love your new designs! That Bokeh print works so well on the dress and skirt. I'm big on layering too, but haven't been too adventurous... mostly just sweaters over shirts. I love how you layered your marker print shirt over the Jenny dress and Ursula's striped tee under the same dress. I need to work on combining patterns in my layers.

And I like that you lengthened this version of Jenny's design, and belted it. It really works well :)

jennifer said...

cute dress you made with jenny's pattern! i wish i could sew:)

emilyn said...

your prints are wonderful!!

Janis said...

Love love love how you do these things. Love your work, love your photo styling, and wish I had your legs ;^)

Jennifer said...

I am very excited...just have to focus & finish this collection.

Janis-first thank you again- but ha- my legs! Let me just say I cannot walk around all day in high heels, but they really do make your legs look better in photos...and I know what skirt length works for me. Soft lighting is good, too ;)
In real life it's cellulite city!

Jocy said...

SUPER cute! I miss tights ...