Sunday, September 12, 2010


Browsing...came across this beautiful dress by United Bamboo.
All Images via Totokaelo.

My friend Amber and I talk/wonder about this a lot: This is a $700 + dress. It's been up on the Totokaelo site for a few days, and it's already sold out in sizes 6 & 8. I'm curious who is buying such dresses? What do they do for a living? Where do they wear the dress to- a special event? For everyday wear? Do they wear it just once, or multiple times? (I'm not trying to be judgmental...I am honestly curious!)

More important- how do I get these women to spend money on my textile designs ;) ?


Katie said...

Oooh, I wish I was one of the women you were wondering about.

The dress -- especially the back -- reminds me a little of a Charles Burchfield painting.

UNIFORM natural said...

it's a beautiful dress.
I think the way they have styled and photographed it is fantastic and I think that is the number one reason people will buy it.
you could take the same dress and photograph it on a mannequin or show just the dress (like many online sites do) without the boots or a model) and it wouldn't have the same appeal.
I also think the model they are using has alot to do with it. she is cute but not unapproachable like a runway model might be.
Totokalo has done an amazing job with their site. I think it's betten even than going to the store. you can see the clothing on different models in different poses with different accessories and it all adds up to a lifestyle and look.

so, who makes those boots? I need to have those:)

UNIFORM natural said...

oh, just found them at apc.

Jennifer said...

Katie- totally! Charles Burchfield!
When I first saw the print I thought of David Hockney's landscapes, and Gauguin.

Martha, good points-about the styling & model. It is rather eye-catching on it's own, but with those caramel boots on the attractive-but- approachable model...really stunning. Food for thought (for my next photo shoot)!

Jennifer said...

Jennifer, I think the same thing about all of these beautiful but pricey items I see all over... especially with the economy and job market still so bad, who has the dough to spend what I pay in rent on one dress? That said, I know they'd love your designs if they saw them, so c'mon ladies!

Michelle said...

Dude, I wonder the same thing, that is a hot dress. My guess is that the people who buy this dress view it as an art piece, and when you think of it that way, 700 isn't much.