Thursday, September 9, 2010

iPhone Case (detail)
iPhone Case
Mina buttons

Happiness is...

Making a home-cooked meal (comfort food: Lemony Lentil Soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, red wine & Swiss chocolates for dessert) for your husband who has returned from a two-week business trip.

Being able to make yourself an iPhone case when you need one (out of stuff you already had on hand in your studio, including a few scraps your very favorite Nani Iro fabric no less).

Looking forward to this opening this weekend.

Hearing J.B. play ELO on the radio this morning.

(Receiving Marant and Mina as gifts doesn't hurt either!

After I announce the winner of the Giveaway (you still have time to enter) on Monday 9/13, I'll be taking a break from blogging as I try to finish the ERMIE end of the year collection.



jeana sohn said...

the grey dress you made is beautiful. also i love your iphone case. go jennifer! finish the fall collection!

cheryl cambras said...

beautiful case! welcome back, T!

Claire said...

Your Iphone case is really gorgeous!

Janis said...

I love your little case!

Enjoy your break and have fun sewing...xo