Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We Never Sleep



Photos courtesy of wenvrsleep.

Style: Washington Color School Necklace
Photographer: Dustin Fenstermacher
Stylist: Siri Thorson
Jewelry: wenvrsleep/Sarah Beaver
Model: Laura O. @ Commence Quest
Yarn Print Silk Tee: Courtesy of ERMIE

Sarah asked me to contribute an ERMIE piece (The Yarn Print Silk Top in the Big Sur colorway) to her F/W Lookbook shoot for her jewelry line wenvrsleep.

I just love how these images turned out.
Not to mention that lovely Washington Color School Necklace is going on my wishlist!

Sarah's collection should be be available in the next few weeks. Congratulations Sarah, and thank you!


jenny gordy said...

Gorgeous! That green color is yummy.

erica said...

beautiful! the greens of your top look amazing with her gorgeous red hair.

Vanessa Samp said...

i love the way these shots came out. your top is so beautiful and sarah did an amazin' job with her jewels. yay!

Jocy said...

These are beautiful photos, Jennifer.