Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Talitha Print


Talitha Print in Fes.

As of now * I plan to feature this print on just the Silk Tee (last 2 pics...worn with my Rowena Sartin Skirted Shorts!).

This print was developed from a fragment of a vintage Berber weaving that I purchased from Joanna. I just love the colors of this print, and they are in fact quite different from those of the original textile. Joanna brought the original weaving to Los Angeles all the way from Morocco. It seemed somewhat fitting to name this print after jet-setter Talitha Getty, who resided in Morocco for a period of time, and was married to John Paul Getty Jr.

I love that this textile from thousands of miles away somehow ended up in my hands. Who was the maker? Man or woman? Could they still be living? What were they thinking about when they made it? I'm sure they never imagined in their wildest dreams that some woman living in Los Angeles would give their textile new life through the technology of digital printing.
Would they approve of what I've done? I'm not sure.

But, I am intrigued with the idea of taking something traditional, beautiful, old, fragile and unique (that in it's current state would perhaps be used for decorative purposes or carefully stashed away, unseen) and transforming it into something modern, useful, more durable, that many individuals might enjoy and hopefully still find beauty in.

Necklace worn throughout: Dream Collective/ Kathryn Bentley. Available here.

(*But if you like it as pictured on the Dolman Dress, please let me know-and I can make one for you.)


joyce said...

this is my favorite print yet! such beautiful colors -- they look great on the shape of the silk tee.

Megan Taylor said...

I love this dress...and the back story. I've been so curious...did you ever go to Malibu Creek State Park? Would love to hear about it!! xo

jenny gordy said...

Love your new prints!

Jennifer said...

Thank you!!

Megan- just sent you a FB message--the images in Sunday's Post were taken at MCSP. 99% sure this is the spot for the ERMIE F/W '11 shoot...to be photographed by none other than Kate Miss of For Me For You!

Jocy said...

This is all so lovely, Jennifer!

christa said...

I love the prints you use. Just beautiful!

Julie D. said...

really love this!!

julia said...

Great print! I really like your story behind it too - the idea of taking something old and giving it new light :)

Janis said...

Among the cacti and the southern california landscape your prints fit in perfectly... Beautiful job Jennifer -x

Carissa said...

Wow -gorgeous! I also love the turquoise necklace; could you send me some info about it please? Thanks! Carissa

Jennifer said...

Hi Carissa,
The necklace is by Dream Collective.
I purchased mine at Beklina. I'm pretty sure she still has them in stock -they also come in Navy and Black enamel.