Sunday, October 9, 2011

Textile Design © Jennifer Parry Dodge 2011

ERMIE F/W '11 Preview Page is now up. The perma-link is to the right.

Day hike:



natsumi said...

Looks like it's beautiful weather over there too. We had almost 80 degrees .. a bit crazy... but I love it!
Ermie F/W collection looks really lovely!! I am so impressed by your work..
Happy Autumn to you too, Jennifer!

Anne-Marie said...

The collection looks so great! I just love the dolman sleeve dress in mojave. Nice work!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Natsumi!
It is like summer again here.
Can't complain.

AM- thank-you! There are still some pieces that I hope to add to the collection hand crocheted belts by Cheryl Cambras, silk chiffon scarves, and a couple more prints if they turn out!

Julie D. said...

Oh my! The dresses are just beautiful and the the prints are so gorgeous that it almost makes me teary.