Monday, October 17, 2011




A good weekend. We didn't make it to the High Desert Test Sites as originally planned, but we made up for it with other activities.

Friday: Taco Night with H, T, and J.

Sat. : Stopped by ACME to see the Monique Prieto show. I always love taking a peek in the back office, too: Pics 1,2-- Matt Merkel Hess ceramic trashcans (he'll be closing out the year with a solo show at ACME--very excited about this one), a gorgeous Caitlin Lonegan painting with hydrangeas.

Saw Bryan Ferry at the Greek. Love that man.
The way to go to the Greek & avoid nasty stacked parking: Park your car on Hillhurst or thereabouts, get an outdoor table at Little Dom's (not as noisy), and walk up to the Greek after dinner. Easy peasy.

Sun: Yoga, errands, cleaning, reading, & dinner with good friends at brand new Highland Park Restaurant Maximiliano (3rd pic). Finally! A good, casual, affordable Italian Place in our hood. Brought to you by the same folks as the Oinkster.
We tried a lot of different things- all good. Especially Recommended: Spaghetti and Meatballs, Tagliatelle with Bolognese Sauce, any of the pizzas, Olive Oil Ice Cream with Sea Salt Caramel.


Megan Taylor said...

love the hydrangeas! xo

Jennifer said...

Lucky you! I love love love Brian Ferry... "Street Life" (Roxy Music/BF's greatest hits) is in constant rotation on my iPod. The man still has that je nais se quoi... Rrrrrr.

Michelle said...

How fun. You really know how to make the most of a weekend. I have been reading daily, as always, but I am such a bad commenter, I never do it! Alas, no more. Your fall stuff that you have been showing is OUTOFTHISWORLD!!! LOVE them, you are breeeliant.

Jennifer said...

Megan- I love hydrangeas-these were really spectacular! Deep burgundy, almost black in spots, with a few blossoms that were green & blue. Wish I would have had my fancy camera with me.

Jen- ha. I don't know about "je ne sais quois" (this is a funny sentence). The man is just Hot. Great voice, dresses well, great hair...aging really well! F' ing hot.

Michelle- thanks!! That's so generous of you to say. Need to visit yr blog more often (you are so funny) & add you to my link list (waaaay overdue!!!). Xx