Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Finally received my new Botins from Beatrice Valenzuela.
After seeing them on my friends Hadley & Thomas for over a year, I decided to get a pair of my own.

I love the leather, and the stitching- especially with the orange thread.

I also love the simplicity of her packaging: the boots came wrapped in a piece of muslin, tied at 2 ends furoshiki style with her name branded into the cloth.

Oh, and those flaps of leather on the back of the boots- I always thought they were an odd decorative touch, but they actually help you pull your boots on!

I'm already planning my next BV purchase: her Brazil Shoes, but in the Colbalt Blue, as pictured here on Megan's lovely blog.


Anne-Marie said...

Oh wow. What craftsmanship! I love the packaging as well.

Jocy said...

Jealous! I've had my eye on her creations for a while now. Post pictures with the new shoes!

jennifer said...

Oh man, they are on my wishlist!

Jennifer said...

Not to brag...(really) ;)
but they are so good. Very well made.

I wore my BV Tejido sandals almost every day this summer and they just get better with age.

This is not a criticism of the Botins;but rather of my little ol' feet: I think I need some thin insoles to stick inside of them- then they'd be absolutely perfect!