Monday, October 24, 2011

ERMIE Holiday 2011





Textile Designs © Jennifer Parry Dodge 2011

ERMIE Holiday 2011: A bit of a misnomer, really, since both Fall/Winter and Holiday items will be officially released in the look book and shop simultaneously (Soon! Yes. Just a couple more weeks. Promise!). Plus, you can pre-order any of the garments and prints that I've previewed here on the blog right now!

Photos 1-5.
Solstice Print. Not actually the starry night sky, but a photograph I took with my iPhone last December of holiday lights reflected in a frosted window.
This print will be featured on the "Free" Sleeve Dress. Perfect for all of your seasonal festivities.

Photos 6-10.
Is it possible that I have a favorite out of all of the prints I've made so far? Maybe. This one certainly comes pretty close. The After Party Print. From a photograph taken on this night, after my friend Jay's art opening, at (you guessed it) his after party in the Hollywood Hills.
This print will be featured on the Short Sleeve Midi/Maxi dress.
(It would look lovely on the 3/4 Length Sleeve Silk Tee, too.) Ring in the New Year with this print! Elegant and unexpected.

Both will be printed on 100% Silk Crepe de Chine.
As always, please drop me a line at helloermie (at) gmail (dot) com if you have any questions at all, or would like to place an order!



ilana kohn said...

SO perfect for the holidays!

jenny gordy said...

Ooooh, amazing prints! Can't wait to see more. Holiday is always exciting.

Cheryl Cambras said...

Wow! Love them!

Vanessa Samp said...

enchanted prints!

shara said...

Love the starry print, so perfect. Beautiful work as always!

jennifer said...

WOW, can't wait to see them!

Anonymous said...

Wow! After party is where I want to be...

YHBHS said...


Sarah Beaver said...

Oh man, man oh man, new favorites!

Woking Girl said...

LOVE the after party print. Just the thing for festive gatherings or just hung on my wall!

Megan Taylor said...


Jennifer said...

I love hearing the stories behind your prints... The designs are so beautiful, and it's great to know what you based them on. Lovely work, as always!