Saturday, December 11, 2010

What Made Me Happy This Week**







I received my Beautiful (!!) Ceramic Wrap from Elizabeth of Primoeza in the mail a couple of days ago, and I've been wearing it non-stop (even though it's well around 70-80 degrees here today).
I love it paired with the ERMIE Electric Garden Print Short Skirt.
The knit is so soft, I love the convertible snap-design, and the hand-stitched details around the neckline. Elizabeth also sent along such lovely little look books for Spring '11 and from Fall/Winter '10-11 they deserve a post all their own. I'll show them to you next week.
Thank-you Elizabeth!!

Also: Very Exciting! I'll be selling a few pieces at Lady in Eagle Rock, CA. I love Camille and her store. I've blogged about her & it before. Lady is my secret source for crazy- a$$ jewelry and unique gifts (when I was there yesterday, she had a great dead-stock wallet from the '70's complete with a little plastic comb tucked inside).

In particular Lady will be carrying these silk mini- dresses that I featured on the blog earlier this week. They are specially priced at $150 each! Colorful for the remaining Holidays, and roomy too- so you'll look good and feel comfortable after drinking all that egg nog and eating one too many pieces of fruitcake.
Camille also has one Bling Knit Print Top in a size small at $48 and a Magic Marker Print Shift dress in a 4/6 for $150. Also specially priced because the prints on the garments are placed in a different manner (off center) from what's pictured in the lookbook. Otherwise, they are still the same beautiful garments. Truly unique!
Contact Camille if you are interested in purchasing :)

** In addition to Henry & Clare, & the The Slow Season that is :)


Anne-Marie said...

I LOVE that ceramic wrap and am so jealous.

cheryl cambras said...

You looked lovely in it last night. And your hair was gorgeous!

oami said...

Copy what Anne-Marie said. Also jealous of your weather, it was 13 degrees here last night.

Jocy said...

Damn. You make me want to chop my hair off.