Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vivier Rocks


Bling Print Scarf -Textile Design © Jennifer Parry Dodge 2010



Outfit: Sonic Youth Sonic Nurse Tee (customized by me...I chopped off the sleeves & neck. I love SY, Kim, Richard Prince's nurse paintings.Technically, I am still a nurse. That's right. I can design you a dress and give you CPR if you need it).
J.Crew Denim Skirt

Rachel Comey Boots
Clare Vivier Mini Sac (the perfect concert-going bag) and Wrist Wrap.
ERMIE Silk Scarf in the Bling Print. Bling can be casual too!

This is the outfit that I'm wearing to this tonight. I think Mr. Rollins is the best DJ on KCRW. He plays stuff that you have never, ever heard, and will probably never hear again.

Earlier today I paid a little visit to Chez Vivier, and picked up some Christmas presents. For other people, not me this time I swear! But if Santa thinks I've been good enough this year, maybe he wouldn't mind leaving this bag pictured below under my Christmas tree, (as seen on KK Is The New Black)!


Thank-you Clare- your designs are the perfect thing to give and receive!


Vivier said...

thank you jennifer!
I love all your posts on this page - these new dresses and tomory's work! all amazing.

Katie said...

Jennifer, I couldn't agree with you more! Every time I start the car on a Saturday evening and hear Henry Rollins' staccato delivery of all the music I've never heard, I get really happy.

Anonymous said...

henry rollins - best show for sure!!

can't wait to meet you - we need to make this happen soon! awesome about the kenzo book - do you LOVE it or what?!?!

xo joanna

Ella said...

i love sonic youth! your t-shirt is wonderful :)