Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Land and Sky


Just got back into L.A. early this morning by way of Union Station--A few photos of the train trip we took out to Denver for Christmas. There are more photos buried in my
Tumblr feed.

I enjoy landscape photography. I find people more difficult to capture.

I need a new digital camera, but in the meantime I have been enjoying my iPhone in it's place. I think it actually takes really great photos- reminiscent of a Lomo or Holga.

More to follow recapping Christmas and sharing some ERMIE news, but now it's time for a nap!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and are as excited about 2011 as I am!


david john said...

what beautiful photographs! makes me want to take a trip outside of LA...

Cate said...


Anonymous said...

welcome back! hope your trip was grand! xo

Claire said...

So beautiful, so big... I love your photos!

db said...

These are soo beautiful
what app in you iphone are you using?


Jennifer said...

Thank-you for all the photo love!

Deb- the App is Shake It. All of these photos were taken either from a moving train or car, and then enhanced a bit in iPhoto.

Color Collective said...

these are so beautiful!

modaspia said...

welcome back! seems like hardly anyone travels by train in this country, beautiful pictures.

P R I M O E Z A said...

just beautiful jennifer.