Friday, December 3, 2010

Shop Open!


The Shop is now open for business. There are a small quantities of ready-made items available to ship immediately, and I will be taking a number of custom orders for select items.

It is definitely Holiday Sale season! These are a couple I'm planning to attend. Cheryl is showing her work here:


Hadley and Clare are showing their work at this sale:


...along with so many of the women (in addition to Clare) Jeana has featured on her Closet Visits!

* Thanks to Mallory, Anne-Marie, Kate & Jeana for mentioning my work on their blogs.

Have a great weekend!!!

**NOTE: Apologies- I've had a problem today with shipping fees being charged on the Big Cartel end of things. I believe this error should be corrected by now. Rest assured, shipping is FREE and once I receive your payment I will refund you ASAP for any shipping fees charged. Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience :)


modaspia said...

the shop is enchanting jennifer. the photos are all beautiful and styled in such a lush way. i just snapped up the bling print top!

ah-yi said...

hi jen,
the shop is so pretty!
love all the photos jeana took!!
i can't wait to get my new dress!!


oami said...

I am, late, as usual, to see this. Your collection is so beautiful and special - good job! I especially like the shirt dress in the bokeh print, the tee, the scarf......lust.