Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What Made Me Happy This Week pt.II *


Photo courtesy of Mimi Tsang of Shisomama.


Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Yong of Primoeza.


Blue Hen.




Rowena Sartin dress I an coveting. Photo courtesy of Rowena Sartin.


Above & Below- Katy Krantz's work at IKO IKO, photos courtesy of IKO IKO.

Didion and Kneeland Co. vintage dress in my studio!

Wow! I am blown away by all of the images of my work popping up on the Internet (thank-you fellow bloggers!), like on Joslyn's Simple Lovely and Shoegazer Creative (if you guys happen to know of other blogs posting images of my work, don't hesitate to let me know- the blogs I've mentioned so far are just currently what have been brought to my attention). It has been so much fun to see Jeana's lovely photos re-blogged, and to see images of my customers wearing the garments!
For Example- Pictured above: the adorable Mimi of Shisomama wearing the ERMIE Fragment Print Dress (don't you just love the necklace she chose to pair with the dress? Fabulous!). Mimi is a talented designer, and I'm delighted she purchased something from me! Be sure to check out her blog and shop. Also pictured, Elizabeth Yong of Primoeza looking beautiful in the Electric Garden Print Short Skirt. It's summer in Australia, where Elizabeth lives, and I like that she styled the skirt with a simple tee. Elizabeth designs gorgeous sweaters and should be reading her blog if you aren't already.

From my day yesterday- I had a bowl of yummy warming, organic Pho at Blue Hen in Eagle Rock. Loved their non- traditional Christmas tree on display.

Visited IKO IKO for the first time. I cannot say enough about this great store. Kristin Dickson, owner of the store and designer of the great Rowena Sartin line (also sold in house at IKO IKO) was manning the counter. She was sweet, welcoming and provided excellent customer service. Could not have been nicer- a big plus for me (nothing turns me off more to walk into a store to either be rudely ignored, or treated like you have no business even entering their establishment). I literally wanted everything in the store. Pickles! The Gentlewoman! Japanese textiles! Right up my alley. I purchased a few holiday gifts there. Katy Krantz's stunning ceramics were also on display. I highly recommend catching a glimpse of Krantz's work before it comes down and paying a visit to this local gem.

Last but certainly not least I was invited by the stylish and gracious Joanna Williams to spend the afternoon at her charming abode looking at the Kneeland Co. Textile collection. I did walk away with a chiffon dress - I fell in love with the cut of the garment and of course the swirly-leaf-print textile (pictured above, last image, hanging in my studio next to one of my favorite photos of Joan D.) My mind is still reeling with delight thinking about all of the details, colors, stitches, & prints from her treasure trove of fabrics, embellishments and jewelry. I was there for over 2 hours, and easily could have spent 2 more chatting with Joanna and looking at those amazing textiles. Thank-you Joanna!

Whew! OK, that's it for now! Hope you are having a great week so far...

* a wink and a nod to Elizabeth :)


Anonymous said...

you are very welcome! your enthusiasm is contagious.

right now i am freaking out over katy krantz. holy smokes. you weren't lying.

YOU made me happy this week! : )

P R I M O E Z A said...

what an inspirational post (and thanks for the mention!). i love the pic of mimi - your pieces can create such different looks and those necklaces at iko iko are to die for!

Jennifer said...

I'm thrilled to see your beautiful designs appearing all over the interwebs--lots of folks with excellent taste out there :)

No wonder you're so happy this week; it sounds like you've been having some great experiences!

Anne-Marie said...

I love seeing the styling of your pieces. I'd be pretty damn happy, too!

Theresa said...

Awesome skirt that resembles watercolor painting! Come say hi. We are having a rock music giveaway, from my Dec 9 post :)

david john said...

fantastic post!

and i am a huge fan of IKO IKO! such a great shop....