Friday, November 19, 2010



*thanks to HBT :)

Love my new Wiksten Tova Pattern dress that I made yesterday. Working on this kept my mind off of worrying about the photoshoot that took place earlier today for ERMIE.
I'm glad I got a dress out of it --but I really didn't need to worry. Jeana was utterly professional, fun, and took amazing photographs (let me stress that the above snapshots are not hers, but cruddy cell phone photos I took...what's up with me forgetting my camera all of the time?) and Carlee looked great!
So exciting!

...Oh, yes, and love my new red/orange Rachel Comey Shoes, too! They are so comfy. We also used them in the photoshoot! Can shoes count as a business expense/ tax write off ;) ?


whitney reeder said...

i love your new dress! it's so beautiful. (wish i could have got that pattern when it was available!)
and i can't wait to see the results of the photoshoot. jeana is talented for sure.

Janis said...

Sooo excited to see the result of your photo shoot! Love the shots of you and your (new?) hair color ... colorful, bright, beautiful.

Beklina said...

Love love love :)

Jennifer said...

Yes, Jeana is extremely talented! She is so good at so many different things. Same with Carlee, too!
She is also multi-talented!

Janis, thanks- I'm enjoying the change. I wish I had the courage to let myself go grey, but I'm not ready yet!

Thanks Angelina - love the shoes, and I was admiring your blue & black triangle print blouse at Carlee's yesterday!

Heather Taylor said...

loving the newness! lookbook looks gorge!