Monday, November 15, 2010

Monster Drawing Rally!

Getting back into town after being in Denver for a few days we had (have!!) so much to do! One thing on our list yesterday was to stop by The Outpost For Contemporary Art's annual Monster Drawing Rally. Multiple artists create drawings in shifts, which can then be purchased by Rally patrons. Many of our friends were participating- it's always a fun event. This year it was held in the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts - a beautiful old building.
Here are some photos I snapped.

The last couple shots are "outfit inspiration/ future ERMIE collection inspiration." A beautiful pair of beat up lace-less Oxfords spotted on one of the artists, and a polka dot (vintage?) blouse that appeared to have been customized with studs on one shoulder, also worn by another artist.
Shameful (creepy?), and a tad shallow- I know. Keeping it real though...I do look to the talented ladies of Los Angeles for inspiration.


Above and below: Hadley Holliday and her drawing supplies.


Maybe the most beautiful shoes I've ever seen. Reminds me of this and this.


Love the stud detail on the shoulder.

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Adam said...

Hey I recognize that shirt Hadley's wearing! Sigh...we totally fucked up Thanksgiving travel, didn't we? We thought we could do it all for free! Of course! Why wouldn't that be, like so easy? Fuckity fuck. Anyway, was Hadley really wearing a tanktop in November? I always loved the Monster Drawing Rally. A good time for all.