Sunday, June 27, 2010

Seattle: Food

The best meal we had in Seattle was at Black Bottle (first photo), a restaurant in Belltown.
They serve small plates there (actually the servings are are fairly sizeable) everything was good. Seriously. I'm not exaggerating.

If you happen to go -and you are a carnivore- get the Pork Belly with Kimchee. Trust me. Amazing. The "Broccoli Blasted " (pictured) is pretty great, too. We were shocked that the bill was so low- for a party of five, a couple of drinks each, and plenty of delicious food- (Beet Gratin, Artichoke salad, Wild Boar Ribs, Fried Chicken, Spiced Shrimp, Locally Made Sausages, Blasted Broccoli and two servings of the Pork Belly) the bill was about $160.00.

A very close second was Maekawa, in the International District. A bare bones Izakay
a place with super-friendly service...loved everything here as well. One dish we had this crazy football-shaped cheese and garlic stuffed deep-fried pork cutlet. So wrong, yet so right.

Of course we drank plenty of good coffee- a must in Seattle -especially when we visited. The sun made an appearance only 3/6 days we were there (I know I sound like a lame L.A. person saying this) and it was unseasonably cold there, too- it felt more like October than June. I needed coffee just to stay warm & awake! How did I ever make it growing up through winters in Iowa and Minnesota?

Also notable: nice pastries, quiche, sandwiches at Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle.

Sorry I didn't get more photos- my camera kept dying on me during our meals it seemed. And sometimes you just want to eat, you know?

** Almost forgot about Than Brothers ! We ate lunch at the West Seattle location 2 days in a row. I used to eat here often when I lived in Seattle- the Pho is not the best I've ever had, but they do a nice Vegetarian Pho with slices of fried tofu and mushrooms that I like- plus they give you free cream puffs that they make in-house with every order! Where else can you get free cream-puffs? I ask you...


Jocy said...

Ahh, Pacific NW coffee ... good stuff.

Anonymous said...

did you plan spin the bottle..?!

Anonymous said...

oops i mean PLAY, of course!

Janis said...

Fun Seattle photos and good restaurant tips - thanks Jennifer! Oh - did you make it to the Fremont district? Small commercial area but a place you might enjoy :^)

Jennifer said...

Jocy, the coffee there saved me, it really did. Would not have accomplished anything there without it.

Natasha, funny! I didn't even think about spin the bottle when I posted this.

did not make it to Fremont...not enough time, but you are right, I did appreciate that neighborhood when I live in Seattle.